Dr. Samuel Bride has a Heart of Gold. Volunteers to Refugees that Need Medical Attention

August 18 15:06 2021
Dr. Samuel Bride has a Heart of Gold. Volunteers to Refugees that Need Medical Attention

Dr. Samuel Bride
Samuel Bride MD posts on his Medium blog about his recent trip to Africa and The Middle East.

In the United States, sometimes people take for granted the basic needs that we are so accustomed to, but around the world there are places that are full of strife and people can go without basic needs.  One of the issues people can face in one of these areas is medical care.  In his medium blog, Dr. Samuel Bride posts about his visit to The Gambia, in western Africa, where he spent time in a local village and helped out the villagers in a local clinic.  There he worked with a local physician who was in need of a surgeon.  He was even able to help out with surgeries.  A local boy needed abdominal surgery and Dr. Bride was able to save the boy who was suffering.  He was able to share his medical knowledge with a local doctor, Dr. Sallah, and give back to the villagers that were in need.  Dr. Bride spent a month in and around the city of Banjul in The Gambia before heading off to the next stop of his trip which was the country of Jordan.

In neighboring Syria, the country has been torn with problems for many years, and Dr. Samuel Bride came to answer some of the prayers of the refugees that left Syria and were torn from their homes, now residing in the Zaatari Refugee Camp.  Here, Dr. Bride worked with the United Nations, The Big Heart Foundation, and the Jordan Health Aid Society to bring basic medical care to the families in need.  He was overjoyed to be of assistance and give back to people who were in need of his medical skills.

Dr. Samuel Bride works daily in New York City with UMD Urgent Care, and took the time from his daily life when he heard the call from the people in need across the world.  When asked about the experience, Dr. Bride said that it was one of the most rewarding experiences in his life.  He said that it makes him feel great to be able to use his knowledge in medicine to give to be of service to help with humanitarian causes throughout the world and those less fortunate that need help.

When we spoke to Dr. Bride, he stated “This was one of the best experiences in my life.  People sometimes take for granted how fortunate they are in life, and it was literally life changing for me to be able to give back to other human beings that are desperately in need of help.  I feel like all physicians would benefit from an experience like mine.”  He continued to state that if any other physicians had any interest in they should contact him so he could explain about his experience and how to get involved. 

Dr. Bride thoroughly enjoyed his 2 month experience helping the Gambian and Syrian people and looks forward to volunteering in the near future to those that are in need throughout the world.

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