The VelCon Throwing Trainer Becomes the First and Only Training Device that Promotes KCS

August 18 23:21 2021
A revolutionary training aid surprises the baseball industry with its proven effectiveness in improving pitching skills.

Pitching requires good reaction time and control of the exerted force to build the right rhythm. Needless to say, much practice is needed to master such a skill. It sure is difficult to improve one’s pitching skills nowadays with the lockdowns here and there. What could help is a device that promotes Kinetic Chain Sequencing or KCS that’s also portable and easy to use. That is why Frank DiMichele developed the VelCon Throwing Trainer, a portable, easy-to-use device that trains the throwing motion by eliminating the throwing arm. It can be used every day, all day. Injured individuals can even use it. Since the throwing arm is replaced with the VelCon throwing trainer, a pitcher can throw thousands of times without using the throwing arm. The device trains the body’s KCS first to get to the arm last!

A D1 college coach, a pitching instructor, and The Pitching Pro founder Frank DiMichele developed the VelCon Throwing Trainer, a patented training aid made of lightweight Black PVC that comes in three different sizes. This is certainly a revolutionary pitching training aid that centers around building the muscle memory of the body’s kinetic chain to increase velocity, improve control, and reduce the risk of a major arm injury.

A group of students who tested this tool increased their velocity by an average of +8mph as well as improved their control and accuracy. The VelCon Throwing Trainer basically replaces the throwing arm, teaching the whole body to be in sequence from the ground up, which prompts the arm (cord) and hand (yellow ball) to follow the throwing shoulder.

Parents, doctors, and pitchers alike are confident with DiMichele’s tools and techniques that have developed good athletes for many years. Those interested to know more about him and the VelCon throwing trainer can visit The Pitching Pro website at and see what some MLB managers and coaches have to say.

About The Pitching Pro LLC

Based in Pennsylvania, The Pitching Pro (Frank DiMichele) offers coaching services that could help any age from a little leaguer to a professional level baseball player. The VelCon throwing trainer was developed through a culmination of Frank DiMichele’s 35 years of experience from his many years as a MiLB/MLB pitcher, HS/Collegiate coach, and his continuous research of the pitching/throwing motion.

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