Alecs Field Heating Systems Offering State of the Art Electric Field Heating Solutions

August 19 01:36 2021
Alecs Field Heating Systems, founded on opportunity and innovation, has expanded to serve a rising number of football and soccer fields/pitches, as well as tennis courts with efficient and sustainable electric heating solutions.

Many sports are being played indoors during the winter months of the year. However, this does not mean that one should avoid fields and remain indoors. Excessive rain and freezing temperatures adversely impact the health and condition of fields. In addition, a very high quality playing surface is necessary for professional and international venues. Under these conditions, it is critical to remove the risks of poor playing conditions or cancellation, particularly those related to inclement weather, such as heavy rains or ice and snow. Those in charge of maintaining a field/pitch understand that it’s a daily process where incredibly conventional systems do heavy work. However, when Alecs Field Heating Systems are implemented, sports club owners experience a much more efficient ice clearing process, greater return, and overall lower maintenance cost. There is a great need for efficient and cost-effective terrain heating so that tennis courts, soccer pitches, and football fields can be playable all year, no matter the weather conditions. As a result Alecs Field Heating Systems is available with its durable electric field heating solutions and an easy to use online calculator that allows field/pitch owners to accurately estimate cost for installation and maintenance.

Alecs Field Heating Systems are in huge demand as electric field heating becomes necessary for many organizations. They provide a wide range of heating surface systems on football fields, soccer pitches, tennis courts, cricket fields, and other areas where sporting activities occur. Products can be utilized for both natural and artificial grass. They are recognized as specialists in providing solutions that surpass standards, decrease risk, and save overhead expenses. Alecs has installed heating systems on several of the fields under the motto “Let’s Play Ball All Year!” The process of heating a field with electricity is more energy-efficient than conventional alternatives. Once Alec’s heating system is activated, the cables provide thermal radiation and instantly warm the field.

Alecs Field Heating keeps the pitch frost-free with its unique pitch heating system. Under-Pitch heating regulates the ground temperature at an optimum level and helps preserve good pitch quality well into the colder seasons. Among the many advantages of installing Alec’s electrical heating system is the consistent heat across all areas of the pitch, precision temperature control, instant on/off functionality and the ability to provide zoning of areas that need warmth,

Every sports facility is unique, and the field heating provider should customize a suitable design to match individual goals and needs. Alecs learns about the field, the type of surface, amount of traffic, budget, how water vacates, snowfall, rainfall, etc. Alecs systems are user-friendly and can be activated and controlled through smartphones, PCs, tablets, or laptops. Due to the inherent simplicity of Alecs Field Heating, they are proud to offer a ten-year guarantee on all parts.

Please try the Alecs free installation cost and running cost estimation tool to estimate football and soccer pitch heating cost.

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