Lockness Brings Safety to Crypto Transactions with the Launch of Its New Application

August 19 16:06 2021
Many people may know a thing or two about finance and investing but lack trust in crypto.

This September 2021, Lockness is about to revolutionize the global financial ecosystem with the launch of its new application. It may seem like ages ago when making financial transactions online felt dubious and the risk of getting scammed or the fear of losing money was a  real threat. Like everything else, it takes time to adjust to something new and more so when it concerns money. In the same manner; people are skeptical about crypto today. The fact is, people felt exactly the same way about online payments. That is until third-party escrow gateways came along. 

These secure payment gateways revolutionized the online payment industry by providing the protective blanket required to delve deep within the online consumer world. As a result, the unconscious mind of a consumer has indefinitely become accustomed to safety and assurance when purchasing online. 

Recently; with the outbreak of COVID-19, transferring funds at the touch of a button; in the comfort of one’s home; has catapulted. Many even prefer online purchases over the hassle of going out to shop. It’s convenient, instant and safe. 

When it comes to the global financial ecosystem and crypto, whilst many toy with the idea; users feel unsafe initiating online transactions. much as was the case many moons ago regarding traditional online transactions. Whilst purchasing with crypto, users are undoubtedly concerned about their money vanishing into thin air. As it stands today, crypto transactions are risky. For one; they are untraceable. Once the funds have been sent; they are gone forever, and so as it remains there is no way of reclaiming your funds if something does happen to go wrong.  

For example: If funds are mistakenly sent to the wrong recipient, or the buyer has not received his goods or services paid for, there is no way of recuperating that money.  

This September 2021, Lockness will launch its new platform. This state-of-the-art application will revolutionize the world’s peer-to-peer crypto marketplace; by providing the safety net required to make crypto transactions one hundred percent safe. 

LockNess has developed the world’s first DeFi P2P escrow payment system. Through harnessing the power of smart contracts, Lockness claims to insure security and peace of mind during the transaction of funds. This is achieved through the use of a unique withholding period until the goods or services have been delivered. Only then are funds released to the payee. If the receiver is not satisfied with his purchase, Lockness ensures a full refund to the rightful recipient.  

Lockness is about to change the face of cryptocurrencies by providing the security blanket required to draw consumers into the crypto space. An added benefit for Consumers includes the rewards also known as reflections associated with each transaction. In which buyers are entitled to a percentage of the total transaction made.  

Why switch to Crypto? 

Cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer financial markets are the future of finance. They solve three critical issues that traditional finance faces yet till this day. 


Short for Decentralized finance, Decentralization eliminates the control of a single source of power over your funds and information, Essentially bringing to the table an evolution in the global financial system.  

Security and privacy 

Unlike traditional fiat currency, Starting off with crypto doesn’t require your personal details.  Information such as name, age, address etc; does not apply to terms of use for crypto. As a result,  Identity anonymity is retained, Whilst allowing to users to track every transaction; through the use of wallet addresses.  

Minimal transactions fees 

Despite bearing lightning-fast transaction speeds, Fees remain at a fraction of the cost in comparison to fiat currency-based transactions. Rather than involving intermediaries between transactions such as most fiat currencies do, Cryptocurrencies retain fees at a minimal level, taking only what is required in gas fees in order to process a payment. 

The Fiat financial system is not perfect, Nor any system for that matter. Though the beauty of crypto lies within its principal, Power to the people! What was lacking up until now; was the extra security blanket required in order to protect the payer and payee online. Lockness seems to be the missing link; that brings the added comfort and security that is so desperately required. Paving the way for users of crypto and consumers alike to adopt such an early and intuitive payment medium. Launching cryptocurrency into mass adoption for all.

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