Residents Of Singapore Have One Of The Very Best Heart Doctor And Cardiologists Anywhere In The World

August 19 15:12 2021

Looking after the heart is one of the most important things that can be done by anybody. Although there are many things that individuals can do on their own, sometimes the assistance, diagnostic advice and treatment of a heart specialist is required.

Fortunately, residents of Singapore have one of the very best heart doctor and cardiologists anywhere in the world in Doctor Michael MacDonald, and his clinic has recently been promoting the range of services that they provide to local and international patients.

“For residents of Singapore”, a spokesperson declared, “heart disease or strokes are one of the major causes of death and disability, affecting one in three people and many more through their families and friends.”

“The availability of a heart specialist with international experience and worldwide reputation for improving the quality of life for their patients is a real boon for the people of Singapore”.

“Whether patients are looking for preventative care in terms of lifestyle advice or help on weight loss, seeking diagnosis as a result of troubling symptoms, or seeking treatment for particular heart conditions, our clinics will be able to help patients to get the help that they need, guidance on the changes that they need to make, and give them confidence that they can be helped back on to the road to recovery, whatever their condition.”

The spokesperson continued “we are at the forefront of new drug therapies, with extensive contacts with other clinics and specialists throughout the world, and can conduct thorough risk assessments on patients from a full range of blood tests to check cholesterol and lipid levels as well as carotid ultrasounds and coronary calcium scores and cardiac CT among many others”.

“Our set of diagnosis tools includes many modern techniques and pieces of equipment such as a stress treadmill and stress echocardiography, ECG holter monitoring and CT coronary angiography and cardiac MRI, all available in our own diagnostic suite to enable maximise comfort during diagnosis”.

“With the perfect combination of experience, knowledge, and modern technological methods and drug therapies, our clinics are the perfect place for local and international patients in Singapore to take that next step to improving their heart health”.

About Dr Michael MacDonald

Michael MacDonald Cardiology was established in Singapore in 2015 after being brought over from the UK to help develop hospital cardiac imaging capabilities and heart failure program. Dr MacDonald has been practicing at the Harley Street Heart & Vascular Centre and the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre since 2019.

His clinics have a strong focus on weight loss and preventative cardiology in order to prevent as many heart problems as possible from occurring in the first place, and as well working with patients with diabetes, heart disease and heart failure, a common occurrence in Singapore.

Media Contact
Company Name: Dr MacDonald Cardiologist
Contact Person: Dr. Michael MacDonald
Email: Send Email
Phone: +65 6235 5300
Address:11-07, 3 Mount Elizabeth
City: Singapore 228510
Country: Singapore

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