Vorza Creates New Revenue Streams for OEM Customers via Connected Vehicle Data Monetization; Sets Sights on New Headquarters

August 19 22:03 2021
Vorza State of The Art Telematics System Improves Fleet Owners’ Productivity, Connectivity, Safety and Revenue Streams

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – August 19, 2021 – As an advanced technology company focused on commercial, and specialty vehicles, Vorza, LLC understands the importance of productivity. Striving to be an industry leader by maintaining increased adoption rates of trucking technology, Vorza is announcing a new state-of-the-art fleet telematics solution. Fleet managers can now use telematics to sync data from each vehicle into an extensive database, improving operations.

The company continues its mission to disrupt the market with its telematics platform to support fleet owners with comprehensive vehicle data and diagnostics systems, supplementing other critical metrics. Advanced telematics gain traction due to their ability to boost fleet performance by providing analytical data and giving fleet owners more oversight of what’s happening on the road and within their trucks. In addition, Vorza’s telematics technology allows fleet owners to be proactive in managing their fleets and prevent future problems. In trucking, being proactive translates to a more robust bottom line and well-informed, safer operations.

“At Vorza, we have developed a cutting-edge telematics solution to ensure industry-leading operations for fleet owners. Our plans include APIs, prognostics for predictive failures, lot management and vocational-specific dashboards,” said Michael Darrow, president of Vorza. “For the APIs, we will seek TSP [telematics service providers] partners to integrate platforms for end-user fleets.”

Vorza’s new advanced fleet telematics technology offers multiple advantages for fleet owners, including:

  • Real-time updates – constant updates and real-time DTCs allowing fleet managers to address pressing problems proactively
  • Improved decision making – comprehensive data analytics facilitate informed decisions regarding drivers, routing and more
  • Improved driver performance – more information on the quality of driving for fleet managers and increased safety measures to improve performance and accountability for drivers 
  • Proactivity – predictive failure modelling and prognostics derived from leveraged data

Well-known benefits of telematics are its ability to boost overall fleet utilization, increase efficiency, improve safety, reduce operating costs and optimize vehicle performance. In addition, according to Darrow, Vorza’s data-driven approach further supports fleets owners by reducing fleet downtime and costs associated with warranties and recall.

Vorza, along with our partners, can develop APIs with OEM factory-fit hardware to be integrated into several telematics service provider platforms. Moreover, the platform can aggregate or anonymize, as well as monetize, your connected vehicle data via various marketplace platforms,” said Darrow.

Like Vorza’s goal to increase its customers’ productivity and efficiency, the Birmingham, Alabama-based company is relocating its operations to optimize its efficiency, moving headquarters to the best ecosystem for serving the automotive and heavy-duty trucking markets. The new location is still under consideration, and any cities interested in hosting Vorza should contact the company via its website.

“We are open to locating Vorza to a place that provides the best combination of an automotive tech ecosystem, resource base rich in tech talent and attractive incentives. We plan to bring a lot to our new community,” Darrow said.

Vorza is one of the leading engineering and design brands specializing in technology development for vehicle manufacturers. With services including electric vehicles, telematics, autonomous vehicles, fuel cells, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and artificial intelligence for the automotive industry, Vorza works with leading experts to execute components of vehicle technologies to serve industry standards and security.

For more information about connectivity and telematics from Vorza, visit VorzaTech.com.


Vorza specializes in advanced technology development and execution in the trucking industry. Our cutting-edge technological services include electric vehicles, fuel cells, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), telematics, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence in trucking. Our company works to expand design and engineering services for specialty vehicle manufacturers and other industries with advanced technology needs. Vorza is backed by our leading expertise in the high-tech sectors of software development, vehicle technology and AI.

For more information, please visit VorzaTech.com.

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