How to distinguish Between PVC film and PE film?

August 19 18:14 2021

There are two main types of packaging protective films according to materials, one is PVC Film sheet raw material polyvinyl chloride, the other is PE raw material polyethylene.

So, how to distinguish between PVC Film sheet and PE film? What are their characteristics? Hope the following sharing can be helpful to everyone.

1. Touch by hand: PE has a lubricating feel when touched by hand, and is softer, with a layer of wax on the surface (chemically called wax feel), non-toxic and tasteless. PVC Film sheet will feel a little sticky to the touch.

2. Smell: PE is tasteless; PVC Film sheethas a pungent odor.

3. Combustion method: When PE burns, it will be yellow flame and emit white smoke, with paraffin-like oil dripping, and emit a smell similar to candle burning; PVC Film sheet burning will emit black smoke with pungent odor.

4. Hand shaking method: Because the density of PVC Film sheet is higher than that of PE, the hardness of PVC Film sheet will be slightly higher. Shaking hands separately, the sound is crisp, and the one that floats easily is PE; and the one that has a low voice is PVC Film sheet.

5. Water immersion method: It also uses the density relationship to press the membrane into the water separately. The one that can rise to the surface is PE, and the one that sinks into the water is PVC Film sheet.

6. Price: The price of PVC Film sheet protective film is low, and the price is low, the quantity is large, and the market share is higher. In contrast, the price of PE protective film is high and the quantity is small.

7. PE is environmentally friendly and easy to degrade, and PVC Film sheet has certain toxicity and is not easy to degrade.

Hopefully, there are a few simple ways to tell the difference so that people can get a good understanding. In fact, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, according to thei needs and preferences, choose the right packaging film!

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