Alive Christians Gives Free Personal Prophetic Words So Believers Can Hear The Voice of God And Be Strengthened in Their Bible Reading

August 19 18:46 2021

It isn’t every day that a person gets the chance to receive a free personal prophetic word but the ministers at Alive Christians website seem to be making this service available to the general public, free of charge.

The Founder, Apostle Quinson Thomas believes that everyone should be able to have access to prophetic ministry and personal prophecy even if their local church doesn’t have a resident prophet because it is essential in the life of a Christian to be able to hear The Voice of God in addition to reading bible verses that strengthen and encourage them in their spiritual walk. From the day that Apostle Quinson was born again, He wanted to have close fellowship with God, learning His voice, and doing what the scriptures indicated was possible for the believer. This is one of the reasons why he launched the Alive Christians’ Prophecy Night- to help believers fine-tune their ability to hear God.

In fact, on prophecy night the team at Alive Christians will minister to people and share with visitors personal prophecies of God’s mind, as the Word of the Lord is shared. The team believes that God is willing and able to meet you in a powerful way as the Lord gives the ministry team prophetic utterances.

As mentioned earlier, sign-up for this free service is available on the ministry website. Persons will be notified via text message on Thursdays as to the time, date and, URL to receive prophetic ministry. Many people have been blessed and encouraged by the Alive Christians’ prophetic words ministry.

As a side note, the team does not do email prophecy. All prophecy is done live via web streaming as the Holy Spirit leads. Persons may request, at that time, special prayer for healing, finances or anything else. 

The site, is a powerful ministry asset to believers around the world, ranging in topics from Verses on Joy, Christian Hymns, not to mention they’ve opened a new Book Store For Christian Books and the like. It is the prayer of the founder, Quinson Thomas, that Christians would be thoroughly equipped to do the work of ministry as God predestined them to.

Additionally, features daily bible verses, verses for strength, devotionals, prayers, psalms, books of the bible, a Christian book store, song lyrics, and prophecy pages to help persons, by the grace of God, fulfill their destiny in Christ.

The Founder, Quinson Thomas is the author of over 4 books by the grace of God, and his endeavor is to put his knowledge to good use for persons’ empowerment in Jesus’ Name. was founded in 2019.

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