Bergman Interiors revolutionizes the industry by bringing the cream of British and European craftsmanship into interiors

August 19 23:33 2021
Bergman Interiors is out to redefine industry standards by bringing a modern contemporary interior design that merges Eastern and Western design traditions, resulting in a superbly defined version of the palatial style, with a palette that serves luxury.

Bergman Interiors has continued to solidify its space in the global industry by bringing the cream of British and European craftsmanship into interiors, representing an impressive amalgam of Eastern and Western design traditions.

“Our approach is forward-thinking and reads like an embellished story with elements that dictate a unique history and space,” says Marie Soliman, co-founder of Bergman Interiors, as she cites the company’s thrust in scaling up its commercial interior design services

The result of such an ingenious approach to bringing a new taste to the market is a superbly refined version of the palatial style, with a palette that serves luxury.

Soliman stressed that the team listens carefully to the brief and merges it with rigorous research to bring a strong, well-thought, and innovative concept.

The London interior designer adds, “The design is then woven around this core touchpoint, and the story never repeats as each client and project is different.” 

Soliman has led the way in bringing the company atop the industry in recent years, along with Bergman Interiors co-founder Albin Berglund. 

After building a strong presence in London, the company makes waves globally in the luxury interior and architectural design world. 

In a bid to come to accelerate further internationally, Soliman and Berglund, who take pride in over 25 years of combined experience, have built up an enviable portfolio of projects, spanning from London, Paris, to St. Petersburg, to Qatar to New York.

The contemporary interior designers work across the globe with some of the most enviable clients and brands in the hospitality and residential sectors, with an equally impressive team supporting them.

The company has been dubbed as the design firm that is “disrupting the world of superyachts” after the launching of Njord, the latest yachting arm of Bergman Interiors, which takes its name from the Norse god of wind and waters.

Berglund says exciting the client who has everything is not easy. It’s not simply a matter of choosing and installing the most expensive items at every bend.

“It’s our part of the job to get them excited, and that means finding things that they haven’t seen before,” explains Berglund.

With about 30,000 followers on Instagram, the London-based design studio is out to revolutionize the industry by creating couture schemes for the world’s finest residences, hotels, spas and gyms.

Soliman and Berglund have won the FRAME Awards’ Spa & Health Club of the Year,’ an accolade showing that their approach to luxury residential design – rooted in 5-star+ hospitality design – is a successful combination and one that clients and brands are striving to achieve in these testing times.

With their passion and talent, they are now designing their way, feeding their creative ambitions, overly active imaginations, and insatiable enthusiasm for design. 

Those looking for top freelance designers in London for high-end residential design, office, hotel interiors, and other services may visit the Bergman Interiors website to learn more. 

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