Clodesun is ‘Shedding Light’ on the Affordability of Solar Street Lights Throughout the World

August 20 22:44 2021

Solar street lighting has become one of the most popular forms of lighting for private housing corporations, companies, and government townships and municipalities throughout the world.  An LED (Light Emitting Diode) integrated manufacturer of solar street lights since 2013, Clodesun of Shenzhen, China, has provided a countless number of the most technologically advanced type of solar street lights to global entities.

Taking advantage of the lower costs of this solar street light manufacturer has led Clodesun to amass over 280 new patents in the past few years with enormous interest from other companies and global entities worldwide.  This company has become the largest manufacturer of solar lighting in China.

The usages of solar street lights are not limited to the lighting of streets.  Many private homeowners use this type of lighting for their gardens and around their homes.  Businesses use it to illuminate outdoor roadways and other pathways. 

To add to the arsenal of products offered in August 2020, Clodesun was issued a patent for a new foldable type of solar streetlight that was designed by the finest German engineers.  This lends more versatility to the usage.

Mini lighting is available and the clientele using solar streetlights manufactured by Clodesun encompasses countries globally such as the US, the UK, the Philippines, and many others even including Nigeria where the competition for solar street lighting is very fierce and the government and property owners seek only the most affordable, yet sustainable and effective solutions. 

Using solar streetlights makes areas safer and much more affordable to light as the sun is the component that powers the lighting.  Even playgrounds and hiking trails can benefit from lighting that automatically comes on as darkness sets in.

The choice of a solar street light manufacturer of course does count, as there are many technical requirements and safety features that must be employed during the manufacturing and installation processes.  A known supplier that delivers quality and has the knowledge such as Clodesun should be the first concern of all potential clients. 

There is a variety of integrated solar street light manufacturing solutions offered by Clodesun from simple setups to those that include security solutions such as CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) monitoring for the ultimate safety for citizens and businesses.

The expansion of the product line has, of course, increased the popularity of the solar street lighting manufactured by Clodesun.   All new customers/clients are welcomed, and the company mission is also one of great transparency and customer service.

A visit to the website will enable any entity to correctly identify which type of solar street lighting is correct for them and consultants are on standby to answer any questions about the manufacturing processes, costs, products, or installation of the lighting. 

With over 300 current happy clients both government, business, and personal the Clodesun solar lighting process speaks for itself.  More products are also in the design phase and Clodesun is taking its place as a world leader of solar lighting manufacturers. 

About Clodesun Solar Lighting Manufacturer

Located in Shenzhen, China, this top-rated manufacturer of solar lighting products has been providing LED solar-powered solutions in lighting to governments, businesses, corporations, and even private homeowners since 2013.  Hundreds of patents have been obtained and the line of products is constantly expanding.  The website has a form for quick contact, as well as information on all the products and the product specifications. 

Media Contact
Company Name: ClodeSun
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: Send Email
Phone: +86 – 18123831633
Address:5th Floor, Hubin Industrial Park, No. 18 Xintian Reservoir Road, Fuyong Town
City: Baoan District
State: Shenzhen
Country: China

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