Upmethod Launches AI Platform for Aspiring Actors That Scores and Give Feedback on Acting Skills

August 21 04:06 2021
Upmethod Launches AI Platform for Aspiring Actors That Scores and Give Feedback on Acting Skills

Upmethod has just announced the launch of its Artificial Intelligence powered platform that tests an individual’s acting skills and teaches aspiring actors how to act better at home. Just like TikTok but better because getting better with one’s skills can mean a drastic upturn in life. In an industry that is as saturated as the film industry, it can be difficult to stand out without guidance. It can also be difficult to create a portfolio, keep track of it and get feedback from professionals.

The entertainment app therefore lets users build their portfolio with originality and creativity, track their progress and get feedback from the A.I system. They can also get constructive criticisms from other users to help them boost their skills as they practice.  

Upmethod was founded by Remie Mayfallia who wanted to become an actor as a child. He however got drained by attending unproductive acting classes that were more expensive than enlightening. ‘While watching my favorite movies in theatres with my friends or family, I always wished that acting was as easy as it appears on the screen. It turned out not to be an easily accessible task and I had really an awful experience of attending some acting classes in New York City. They were not entertaining at all. Above all, the whole process of learning acting was more expensive than my expectations. For all the money spent, I only received poor quality instruction, just paid for their status and name in society,’ says Remie.

He then made up his mind to build a pleasant self-development platform that teaches and is free from negative judgements and comments about a person’s acting skills. This is because aspiring actors are backed into a corner by unending rejections from several auditions which undermines their self-confidence and make them doubt their skills. Upmethod was therefore created with people’s emotions, learning patterns and career in good view. The platform allows users to test their acting abilities in a fun way. 

Using Upmethod is as simple as users selecting their favorite movie scene and acting on their selected script. After which feedback on each performance is generated. Tips and tricks from the AI system, aspiring actors are equipped with knowledge of what to do the next time they try. Upmethod is a cost-effective method in comparison to acting coaches and traveling for auditions until one is fully ready. 

The goal of the platform is to help aspiring actors develop outstanding skills from their homes without pressure.

For more information, visit, www.upmethodapp.com.

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