Oooh So Good Launches Corn Syrup-Free Gourmet Popcorn and Nut Brittle for People with a Sweet Tooth

August 23 09:39 2021
Something amazing is popping up – Gourmet Popcorn and Nut Brittle that tastes Oooh So Good.

Popcorns and nut brittles are probably two of the most addicting snacks there are. Plain or flavored, popcorns are go-to snacks while watching TV or just spending time with the family or friends. Nut brittles, on the other hand, are usually snacked on after meals, or as part of desserts, such as cakes and mousse. These two make some of the most delectable and sought-after snacks, even though most products available in the market are made with some ingredients that may not be good for the body. But just imagine how much better it can be if these all-time favorite treats have gourmet versions that are passionately made with natural ingredients?

This is what Oooh So Good is all about. The online start-up company brings to market its happier and healthier versions of the much-loved popcorns and nut brittle — The OOOH! Golden Brittle Popcorn and OOOH! That’s Golden Brittle — two treats that are sure to satisfy not just cravings for sweets but also enlighten every mood.

The OOOH! That’s Golden Brittle started as a homemade snack that was shared with and loved by family and friends by the company’s founder and chief cravings creator, Elizabeth Havlicek. Eventually, with much encouragement from those who love her sweet treat, she decided to share this and her version of gourmet popcorn, which became the OOOH! Golden Brittle Popcorn, through her gourmet snacks company, Oooh So Good.

The OOOH! Golden Brittle Popcorn and OOOH! That’s Golden Brittle are made from the finest natural ingredients such as sugar, butter, popcorn, nuts, baking soda, and sea salt. The company also prides itself on creating these sweet treats without corn syrup—because there are alternatives that are better for you that actually taste better!

The Golden Brittle Popcorn is a combination of sweet, salty, buttery, and crispy goodness, while the Golden Brittle is made with five different nuts — macadamia, pistachios, cashews, almonds, and pecans — that are gently combined with a golden buttery mixture sprinkled with sea salt.

“The best foods are made in small batches with pure, natural ingredients,” shared a company representative. “Oooh So Good products are made to be smile-inducing. You can feel good about what you’re eating, even when you are being ‘bad’.”

Oooh So Good was established by Elizabeth with the help of individuals who became her sponsors through her Kickstarter account. The all-natural ingredients of Oooh So Good snacks are clearly called out on the packaging along with bit of humor warning, “We know they can be addicting, so please enjoy responsibly

The OOOH! Golden Brittle Popcorn and OOOH! That’s Golden Brittle are available for purchase online at now. Additional and seasonal flavors will be available soon!

About Oooh So Good

Oooh So Good is a Tampa, Florida-based sweet treats online shop. It offers gourmet popcorn and gourmet nut brittle that are made without using corn syrup. Local deliveries are available.

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Company Name: Oooh So Good, LLC
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Country: United States

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