KORT serves humanity through Zakat

August 23 22:30 2021
KORT is a philanthropic organization which spreads joy, education and care amongst children

Azad Kashmir, Pakistan – Charity is an act of love and acceptance amongst people. It creates a sense of community and purpose and is ultimately a way for people to help each other. Charity in the form of ‘Zakat’ is an obligatory duty for Muslims. For this purpose, KORT Islamic Charity provides a reliable way for this charity to reach the people truly in need.

Kashmir Orphan Relief Fund is a charitable organization that has numerous offices including the head office in the UK. The main focus of KORT is making the quality of life of orphans significantly better. KORT is recognized by many prominent figures such as Atif Aslam, Imran Khan, and Asad Qaiser. The PM of Pakistan, Imran Khan States, “The humanitarian efforts of KORT should be emulated by other organizations across Pakistan.”

Zakat donations are the most vital aspect of KORT. It claims to have maximized the effectiveness of its donations. The organization believes that every penny should go towards the cause of charity; however, a minor administration fee of 0.08p is deducted for every £1 to keep the organization working.

Innumerable donors are hesitant to pay Zakat to many organizations due to the fact that they don’t trust them. KORT Islamic Charity takes pride in stating the fact that it is one of the most trustworthy means of giving Zakat. KORT believes in values such as custodianship and excellence. Additionally, KORT publishes admin costs and financial accounts annually on its website to induce a relationship of transparency and accountability between KORT and their Zakat donors. The organization is actively trying to increase the efficiency of money usage so more and more funding can be devoted towards helping people.

Education is extremely important nowadays. It is a major factor in success. Consequently, KORT prioritizes education for children. The Educational Supervisor at KORK remarked, “All our children are provided with the best education to help them secure a better future”. Other than education, orphans are provided with food, encouragement, and care which helps them to transform into independent individuals.   

A recommended way of donating money to KORT is through Gift Aid. By donating through Gift Aid, the value of the donation is increased by 25%. This method is only applicable to UK taxpayers as through gift aid, KORT can reclaim the tax donors have paid on their donations. Gift Aid can only be used for personal donations. This option cannot be used for donations collected from several people or donations from companies. Gift Aid also gives the donor an obligation to inform KORT in case they are “no longer eligible, wish to cancel the declaration, change their name, home address or can’t pay sufficient tax on your income and/or capital gains”.

About the company:

KORT Islamic Charity is a charitable organization that aids orphans with basic necessities of life in Pakistan, Azad Kashmir, and the UAE.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email: Send Email
Phone: +44 (0) 300 123 7774
Country: United Kingdom
Website: https://kort.org.uk/

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