2021 Beauty Trends See The Reemergence of the Brazilian Butt Lift

August 24 02:54 2021

Trends and fashion change constantly, and that hasn’t stopped just because the world is upside down. Even plastic surgery isn’t immune from the shifts in what is considered popular or a rising craze. Over the years, specific types of plastic surgery have faded to the background and then become popular again. For 2021, one of those making a strong comeback is the Brazillian Butt Lift or BBL.

BBL is a procedure that has been around since the 1990s, and though decades old, it still provides the desired effect. As trends lean towards a full-figured look becoming popular again, women are aiming for the hourglass figure. One of the primary things that makes a BBL immensely popular is it solves two immediate problems. First, fat is surgically removed from a tricky part of the body, such as the stomach or thighs. This is done through a standard liposuction procedure. Second, instead of disposing of the fat, it goes through a process to separate the extra fluid before it’s injected into the buttock to build the area up, making it fuller.

“People really want to look their best, and sometimes that means that they have worked hard to get their bodies in shape, and it’s just not quite enough. Diet and exercise can only take people so far, especially when it comes to enhancing specific areas. There is just no way, aside from surgically, to change which areas of the body that fat distributes. That’s why the BBL has become hugely popular. It lets patients take fat away from the areas they don’t like and put it where they wish it was.” Said a spokesperson.

Often a BBL is combined with a butt implant procedure to maximize the desired look for a patient. Silicone implants are a more invasive and extensive procedure than just the BBL. However, it’s widespread and comes with no more complications than other plastic surgeries. This procedure involves having a silicone implant placed that lifts the higher portion of the rear-end. The lower part of the butt is then filled in with a traditional BBL procedure, and when combined, these procedures offer an extremely natural look.

“It’s great to see the BBL becoming popular again and how much it can add confidence for the right candidates. However, prospective patients should get a consultation and make decisions based on their specific body needs, not just what is popular.  The BBL can be an intense change, though, and when it’s right for a patient, it makes a world of difference in their overall appearance.” A spokesperson added.

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