Conversion-Copywriter Justin Hammond is Changing the SaaS Email Landscape With Hyper-Focused Narrative Copy

August 24 07:03 2021
Justin Hammond – a Canadian visual designer with a UX background translates his skills to conversion-copywriting in just under a month.

Justin Hammond, a Canadian-based conversion-copywriter who grew up in Aurora, Ontario, is changing the way SaaS (software as a service) companies look at onboarding and free-trial emails.

“Traditionally, email has been such an afterthought for many SaaS tools. Many companies rely on their slick site design and aggressive promotional tactics to drive new member signups, and many of my clients have often told me that revamping their emails has “been on their list for a while” or just wasn’t a priority for them at the time.” – Justin Hammond

Emails aren’t always recognized as the powerhouse marketing tool that they are. After all, many of us do a quick left/right swipe on emails on our phone when we wake up in the morning; deciding which ones to view later and which get tossed in the trash.

A mere 1-3% uplift in a company’s conversions through email can result in thousands of dollars of additional monthly recurring revenue for a company. It’s fundamentally inexcusable not to see and treat your email and web copy as the conversion powerhouse that it has the opportunity to be.

Justin uses narrative and personality-infused copy to bring familiar, personable, and relatable stories to the copy he writes for his clients. Target audiences are heavily researched and copy is designed to speak to each customer’s individual pain points.

“My copy reflects the conversational, friendly tone I’d have whilst sat in a bar with a friend from college. I would never come off as ‘salesy’ or try to push something down their throat. We buy from our friends because we trust them and by replicating that same “chit-chat” style rapport, I can write copy that converts in a powerful and measurable way.” – Justin Hammond

Whether you visit a homepage or sign up for a free trial, you’re taking a journey. You follow a series of steps to complete a task or goal you have in mind. How successfully you complete that journey is largely affected by your user-experience, which in no small part is due to copy with a clear message and clear focus.

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