Global Tribrush LLC Rates the Best 5 Card Games Perfect for Family Fun Time

August 24 04:26 2021

Global Tribrush LLC, creators of FITNESS 4 FUN, an innovative card game that combines gaming and fitness, is beaming its searchlight on the card gaming sector, dissecting the five best card games which can enhance one’s intellect and mental health.

Card games can teach math and memory skills, as well as strategic thinking, psychologist and sociologists say. Also, the conversation and friendly rivalry that comes with sitting down to play cards can strengthen family ties. These board games are available easily at affordable prices and prove to be a memorable gift as well.

Global Tribrush LLC has reviewed some exciting games which can make free time so productive, fun and take the excitement to the next level.

1. Fitness for Fun

Top of the list is Global Tribrush’s Fitness for fun, an innovative game that brings fun and fitness together to provide productive leisure time. The game is considerately designed to keep the modern technology-oriented lifestyle in mind, keeping families entertained without compromising physical health.

Usually, card games do not focus on physical health and fitness. Hence, Fitness for fun provides a completely different experience from the conventional card games and in-home tabletop activities or video games, etc, which do not account for one’s fitness. Fitness for Fun promotes exercising by making it fun. This is why Global Tribrush LLC considers it as its top pick this year.

The game’s objective is to get rid of all the cards before the other player or team becomes the winner. In order to get rid of the cards, the player will have to perform a number of activities that are physically tasking.  All these activities are very easy to perform and designed for the growth and development of children along with the detailed illustration of how to perform the exercises. Overall, it is a one-of-a-kind game that offers a unique combo of in-home card games with unique physical exercises.

2. Munchkin 

Global Tribrush LLC ranks Munchkin higher up the list. It’s is a conventional card game with a theme of dragons and dungeons children love to play with. The objective of the game is to fight the dragons and the monsters which come one’s way. There are 10 levels and 1000 gold pieces equal one level. The munchkin has to reach the 10th level by collecting 10,000 coins to win the game. It’s a competitive, multi-player game where the other players will try to stop each other to win their own game. Players can also team up with the other game members in order to win the game. The game, which can be played between 3 to 8 players is simple but addictive and engages its player to thrilling combat which ends up with a lot of excitement.

3. UNO Family Card Game

Global Tribrush LLC rates UNO Family Card Game among the best.

UNO is a renowned family game equally popular among kids and adults. This card game is extremely easy to play. The rules are simple and young kids can learn them effortlessly. The game comes in a sturdy tin where one can keep a bag and excite family vacations anytime and anywhere. It has 112 colorful cards including action cards like skips, reverses, color-changing wild cards, and draw twos.

All the player have to do is to coordinate between the colors and numbers, which leads to an exciting card gameplay. To play this game, the players take their turn to match their cards with one shown on the deck. He who gets rid of all the cards first wins the game.

It is a great giftable item to grandkids and teenagers who love to spend their leisure time with family and friends. The instructions come with the tin so it is quite to learn and understand the rules.

4. Monopoly Deal Card Game

Monopoly is another popular game of all time. It’s not just Global Tribrush LLC that highly rates this game, as it also comes in the list of the highly-rated games on amazon. The multi-player game which is enjoyed by families all over the world can be played by 5 players, making it the ideal game for a vacation fun time.

Each player has to collect the 3 property sets. However, hurdles like deal-breakers, debt collectors, and the forced deals can be challenging.

The game is appropriate for ages 8 and up. It is a favorite of the adults too and proves to be an entertaining time-pass in the deadly boring free hours.

The game is thrilling, easy to play, addictive and fast. Players can play many rounds in an hour, and add variations too in order to keep it thrilling and entertaining.

5. Unstable Unicorns Card Game.

Last but not the least, Global Tribrush LLC, believes this game is sure to excite Unicorn-lovers. This unicorn-themed game is designed for two to eight teenagers with the objective to build an army of seven unicorns. Several action cards are given to stop rivals to move forward and make progress. The game comes in a pack of 135 unicorn-themed dreamy colored cards which look super-cute and appealing. The game is recommended for 14 and up but it is enjoyed by the younger kids as well.  Moreover, it comes with an instruction manual so players can learn the rules easily. Global Tribrush LLC believes it’s among the most unpredictable card games.

Speaking about these exciting card games, the President of Global Tribrush LLC, Keith Ross, said: “So, these were some best of the best card games of all time which can make you and your family’s leisure hours worthwhile. However, Fitness For Fun is our personal favorite and ranks number one in our list of best card games because of the unlimited fun it offers along with the promise to keep you and your family fit. We hope it will prove to be an innovative game in your in-home board games collection.”

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