Revolutionary fire fighting tool Emberology assures effective prevention of wildfire destruction, shows promise to change dynamics of global warming

August 24 09:03 2021
Emberology is an innovative fire fighting tool which works to detect fire and prevent wildfire destruction on a massive scale and that tool with less water consumption than traditional firefighting tools.

CA – August 23, 2021 – The USA witnesses around 60,000 wildfire incidents on average annually, resulting in massive destruction of property, flora and fauna, and also human lives. Traditional firefighting tools have not been capable of fighting these fires lately; put simply, there has been no other effective solution to prevent the menacing wildfire destruction in recent times- until now. A California-based professional inventor, George Jerome, has developed a groundbreaking fire fighting tool which is strategically designed with state-of-the-art technology that has proven to detect wildfires and prevent mass scale wildfire destruction.

Emberology, as it is called, is a patent-pending fire fighting tool which is developed by Emberology Innovations, an innovative startup spearheaded by George Jerome. It’s the FIRST-ever fire fighting tool which is particularly designed to be used under drought conditions- another major problem plaguing the USA and the world today. 

Traditional firefighting tools use water sprinklers which are often sprayed from the roof at high angles. As a result, water often falls far away from the intended target. But, Emberology brings in a unique approach to resolve the problem successfully. The tool comes with a specially designed spray head that ensures a low angle between the water and the roof. This way, the wind cannot affect the water trajectory significantly and the sprinkled water successfully lands on the intended object. Another great benefit of Emberology’s innovative mechanism is that it consumes less water to diffuse the burning embers.

“Our patent pending fire fighting tool stands out with its unique abilities to successfully land on the intended object and also consumption of less water compared to that consumed by traditional tools. Moreover, our tool comes with an innovative blend of powerful fire suppressing additives that further enhance the efficacy of Emberology big time. Also, these additives create a sticky effect in water which eventually boosts its ability to hit the target and stick to it”, stated George Jerome.

“By successfully detecting and preventing wildfires, and that too with minimal water consumption, we are positive Emberology will be able to change the dynamics of global warming today and for better.”

Another major USP of Emberology lies in its cutting-edge mechanism to reduce ember potency which consequently helps it to prevent spreading of fires and fire-borne destructions.

“Flying embers are a major cause of mass scale spread of wildfires. This is where Emberology comes to the rescue. Our innovative technology is designed to effectively deal with physics of these tiny flying embers; Emberology has proven to be successful in killing the fire spreading capacity of the flying embers and that too with minimal usage of water.”

Emberology also stands out with a state-of-the-art temperature scanner. The scanner is able to sense any abnormal or significant rise in ambient temperature which eventually helps the tool to detect risks of wildfires around. If it senses any abnormal rise, the tool automatically initiates flow of water to immediately address a fire accident problem. 

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