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August 24 17:33 2021 is a Malaysia-based digital marketing firm offering a wide variety of services to help businesses acquire new customers and retain existing ones. The business is among the cheapest social app blasting service in the world.

According to announcements released by, this digital marketing agency provides social app blasting services that are very cheap and highly effective. Customers can choose from WhatsApp blasting marketing services, LINE app blasting marketing services, Telegram marketing blasting services, etc. As compared to social media marketing, message blasting is a cheaper and better converting alternative. It is an excellent resource for B2B marketing. offers its clients a free trial. 

Marketers that wish for one-on-one communication with a targeted audience achieved reliably and cheaply trust This digital marketing agency has a reputation for delivering results at affordable rates. Its WhatsApp message blasting service for 10,000 messages and above is comprehensive. It includes text, images, videos, audio, and even PDF files. Customers can choose an audience from any country globally and reach out to them via a fully localized ID. enables online and offline sellers to geotarget their messages for a higher success rate. This not only brings down the cost of conversions but has a beneficial effect on the entire supply chain. Stores can save a lot of money. Marketers can create targeted plans for product launches, and sales managers can apportion time and effort according to the analytics that geotargeted WhatsApp messaging provides. 

The site has earned a reputation for a professional and reliable service, providing a complete delivery report for each campaign. Once a customer creates an account, the account never expires and can be accessed easily. Customers can blast WhatsApp messages themselves from an online web panel or this business will do it for them. Updates and support are provided via Telegram. Users do not have to install any software or buy new SIM cards. There are no setup or monthly fees to pay. ensures and guarantees 100% delivery to all the people on a list. 

Other services offered by include link building, website cloning, SEO, Online Reputation Management, press releases, etc. 

For more information, go to said, “We are a team of experienced digital marketing strategists and we integrate technical intelligence with marketing know-how. Our expertise includes an in-depth understanding of all aspects of SEO. The team at consists of passionate and dedicated experts in SEO, SEM, SMM, Facebook ads, etc. We are skilled reputation managers and can help online, and offline stores establish and enhance reputation while countering genuine and contrived negative feedback or reviews. 

We guarantee that our business is professional, ethical and committed to helping clients achieve their marketing and sales objectives. We work with only one client in an industry at a given time. We value a customer’s trust and place it above monetary considerations. We respect a customer’s need for confidentiality and do our job discreetly. 

Our mission is always to produce online marketing solutions to help business organizations reach a realistic return on investment using result-oriented approaches that we have perfected over time. Our social media blasting services deliver the best ROI compared to what our competitors can provide.”

About the Company: provides comprehensive digital marketing solutions for customers all over the world. Its social app blasting services are particularly in demand because of their effectiveness and low costs. is managed by a team of experts dedicated to excelling in their chosen domains.

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