New Christian Website Launches to Provide Accurate Understanding of Biblical Teachings for Free

August 25 13:22 2021
Lift up a Banner is a newly launched faith-based website that aims to tackle obscure biblical teachings that have created several misconceptions in the Body of Christ, causing Christians to stray from the original message and ultimately lose sight of the message of Scripture

The Bible was written to guide followers of Christ rather than being cast aside like an old pair of shoes. Unfortunately, however, most Christians today find themselves devoting a good chunk of their time wading through a bunch of scriptures that don’t seem to make sense to them. Sadly, their devotion to study is made unfruitful by lack of understanding. Nonetheless, the Bible can be understood, and Lift up a Banner has been launched to that end.

Lift up a Banner is a newly launched Christian website that uses simple English language and basic explanations to ensure a good understanding of biblical teachings and the message of the Scriptures. The website, which is now live at, aims to share resources, articles, books, and videos to help readers understand the Bible, breaking off and making sense of its message.

“The time of the Apocalypse is the time of the unveiling,” said Jonathan Heller, Founder Lift up a Banner blog. “Provided is the Bible in a rarely seen format using visual references and the original Hebrew and Greek for reference. We break down the Word of God and compare Spiritual with Spiritual to gain a full understanding of the teachings within the Bible and specifically what the message of Jesus Christ truly was.”

Using the Strong’s Concordance, the Lift up a Banner blog will break down the original languages of the Bible and show the exact meaning behind the Prophets, the Apostles, and the teachings of Jesus Christ. In addition, the blog will adopt the use of videos to expand understanding through visual and audio aid further so that it is easy to follow along.

Lift up a Banner website is entirely non-profit, totally free, and will not place marketing ads or request donations. For more information, please visit or send an email to [email protected].

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