Building a Transparent Game Ecosystem ‘HIYOKO’ Project Launching

August 26 18:36 2021
Building a Transparent Game Ecosystem 'HIYOKO' Project Launching
Blockchain-based emulation platform ‘HIYOKO’ project has been launched in earnest.

The HIYOKO project is characterized by keeping all activities and transaction details of users by helping them store arcade game activities and transactions in the blockchain.

Therefore, game operators are aiming for a transparent ecosystem that cannot be arbitrarily edited or deleted.

News of the HIYOKO project launch is related to the issue of ‘Probable Items’ operated within the game platform. This is because several gamers are distrusting the recent series of events related to probabilistic items.

Despite the implementation of a system called “Probable Item self-regulation,” for example, in Korea, there are cases of immoral sales that cleverly avoid gaps in the legal network. Other countries are constantly experiencing such cases. As a result, the role of the HIYOKO project is raising expectations in the game industry.

An official said, “Blockchain means data forgery and tampering prevention technology through distributed computing. If information such as the probability of items in the game is released through blockchain, we can expect to create a reliable game ecosystem.”

“With the current 100 million users and more than 200,000 new users per day, we will expand the platform development ecosystem by 2024 to introduce additional business models in the future,” he said.

Meanwhile, the HIYOKO project plans to make great efforts to build an NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace platform as the next step in the blockchain-based game emulation platform.

Through platform token HYK, it forms an ecosystem that can participate in economic activities such as game item transactions and shopping issued by NFT.

He also expressed his ambition that the Metabus platform, which would be the ultimate destination, would not simply implement the virtual world in the game. It plans to make it a space where people can interact with various users on the platform and enjoy various content such as concerts, fashion shows, and exhibitions as well as games.

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