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August 26 19:26 2021

Blockchain is the technology of the era; however, the debates on the increased energy consumption requirements to support cryptocurrency mining are a matter of concern these days. Considering the harmful impact of extended energy usage on blockchain technology, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, recently announced that they would restrict the purchase of vehicles using Bitcoin until the mining process shifts to some sustainable sources of energy.

There is no doubt to say that the traditional banking system serves more population as compared to blockchain in the world till now. However, people are getting attracted to these digital transaction options over time to enhance their payment experiences. As people are switching to digital platforms, the consumption of energy is increasing to serve those demands. The cryptocurrency mining sector gained a huge reputation of $1.4 billion recently in the month of February 2021. But the energy consumption estimates on this trend reveal that bitcoin minors are likely to use 130 Terawatt hours of energy, which turns out to be 0.6% of the global consumption of energy. Furthermore, the harmful emissions of carbon dioxide due to the bitcoin economy is another matter of concern.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency users these days need to find environment-friendly ways to serve financial networks. One of the widely recommended solutions is to use environmentally friendly sources of energy such as solar and hydropower. Some experts are also working on capturing leaks of natural gas from oil fields that can be further utilized for the cryptocurrency sector. The cryptocurrency transactions and mining tasks require powerful computers that run complex algorithms. Therefore, they use enhanced energy levels to verify transactions on a regular basis.

Reports reveal that the global power use of cryptocurrency is approximately 1% in comparison to the global energy consumption, and this ratio is rising with each passing day. Although using electricity is not a bad thing, but as human reliance on technology is increasing with each passing day, the planet is going to experience huge energy dependency in the near future. In this scenario, experts need to rethink the sources of energy. Generally, people burn fossil fuels or coal to generate electricity. It creates an extensive range of toxins that leave a hazardous impact on human health, the atmosphere, and the earth. Therefore, blockchain and cryptocurrency experts need to find green energy solutions.

The professionals at Green Earth Moon have opened doors to green energy initiatives for the development of cryptocurrency coins. Solarpower and hydropower are some of the most common solutions to green energy; some upcoming technologies are artificial photosynthesis, 3D printed solar energy trees, and liquid sunlight. The best part is that professionals at Green Earth Moon Coin are establishing partnerships with innovators and charities in green energy.

Stats reveal that almost 1 billion people on the planet are not able to access electricity. The Green Earth Moon team has the vision to serve the community with better sources of energy while supporting their needs to use digital technologies. The company is creating new waves in the crypto world and green energy space. They are helping to combat negativity associated with crypto energy consumption so that a decentralized financial world can achieve new heights. The Green Earth Moon concept is supporting earth and the inhabitants to enjoy a better quality of life with the support of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and that too with sustainable living and green energy.

Cryptocurrency is believed to be the future of global money, but at the same time, it is responsible for using the highest amount of global energy on a daily basis. Therefore, the professionals at Green Earth Moon have launched a charity program where they will use tokens for fundraising, and this money can be used to conduct research on green energy solutions. The token holders will receive some static rewards as well as it will automatically support liquidity for enhanced profitability. However, on the other side, this approach could deliver impressive returns to the entire planet in terms of green energy.

The great news is that development teams at Green Earth Moon Coin will not receive any tax on the purchased tokens in the company’s developer wallet. Rather, without following a profit-centric approach, they are eager to support the community by being a part of it. All the funds collected through token selling will be distributed among charities that are supporting green and healthy initiatives for a better quality of life. Even if the company receives some income in the form of consulting and merchandise in the future, they are planning to donate the entire amount to the charity wallet. It means, in order to make profits through this Green Earth Moon Coin channel, the members also need to purchase and deal with the currencies same as the community.

The Green Earth Moon community is currently making it’s best efforts to make the world a better place to live while integrating technology and green energy sources with strategic planning. These efforts may ensure considerable growth in the crypto industry while supporting healthy living practices in the long run.

About Green Earth Moon

Green Earth Moon platform was established with a goal to advance cryptocurrency transactions while preserving the energy to support a green environment. The professionals at Green Earth Moon believe that blockchain and cryptocurrency is a futuristic technology that offers trustworthy, simple, and secure ways to make payments online. As these payments can be accessed by everyone using the internet without worrying about security, it is necessary to bring this technology to every individual for ease of wealth transfer whenever required. Green Earth Moon platform not just makes the crypto transactions easier; rather, they also work on reduction of energy consumption so that planet can save more energy every year. These teams are working on the elimination of energy dependency while supporting the trends of cryptocurrency and blockchain. In this way, they are helping humans to enjoy healthier and sustainable life while utilizing the modern age technologies more efficiently. 

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