Kiwi company Rfider works with IBM to make tracking and tracing food easier

August 27 17:18 2021
Kiwi company Rfider works with IBM to make tracking and tracing food easier

New Zealand company Rfider Limited, a software-as-a-service provider that specialises in supply chain transparency and modernisation, is working with IBM (NYSE: IBM) to make it easier for food producers and manufacturers to capture and share critical information on food products using their mobile phone.

Rfider has integrated its cloud based platform and advanced mobile apps with IBM Food Trust™, a blockchain-enabled global ecosystem for the food industry. 

IBM Food Trust enhances supplier and consumer trust in the supply chain by creating an immutable, digitised chain of transactions that is stored on a distributed ledger. Information about the origin and journey of food can be shared with members of the supply chain, and even consumers, for greater insight into the journey of their food.

“Frontline staff of every point in a food’s supply chain, from testers and cleaners through to packers and distributors can now scan products and share associated event data directly into the IBM Food Trust platform using Rfider’s field services app on their mobile phones, managing all aspects of a product’s traceability requirements. This helps enhance the traceability and transparency of the process a food item goes through,” says Rfider CEO John Pennington.

“Anyone in the supply chain network can be up and running in minutes, collecting critical event data in a highly efficient way, without the need for costly integration or app development – we’ve taken care of that.”

“Rfider’s integration with IBM’s Food Trust helps businesses of all sizes to compete on transparency and customer loyalty, and in turn helps consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions,” says Pennington. 

IBM New Zealand Technology General Manager, Mark Baker adds, “for traceability to work in the supply chain it needs to be clear if any of the characteristics of the product have changed – and this information is used for several purposes including safety, reducing fraud, counterfeiting and tracking freshness.” 

“It’s great to see Rfider making it easier for all points in a supply chain to capture and collect information on a product, which can help build consumer trust in local and international produce.” 

Pennington says the market dynamic is evolving rapidly, with both consumers and resellers demanding greater transparency from the brands they choose to support.  

“Transparency is a major untapped source of value, which could be turned into a competitive advantage for brands that are built on integrity and sustainable practices.”

“I see a significant window of opportunity for global food producers to leverage transparency as a source of value and differentiation both in domestic and international markets. We’re already seeing this with products like high-end coffee and wines, so when it comes to specialty products, this will rapidly become table stakes,” said Pennington.

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