Based On True Elements, A Captivating New Novel Turning A Blind Eye Reveals Insights Into the Reality of Childhood Abuse

January 04 23:33 2022

Te’Writes, owner of Posh Ink, makes her debut with her latest book, Turning A Blind Eye. In this heart-wrenching story, Te’Writes emulates her own childhood to tell a story based on true events that she experienced while growing up in an abusive household. The story mirrors her harrowing experiences and paints the picture for readers to understand childhood traumas that unfortunately happen too often.

This novel’s storytelling is not only gripping but will educate readers on the signs, effects and truth of childhood sexual abuse. It is the perfect read for parents and counselors to learn from and survivors to heal from as it shares a positive message of perseverance.

Turning A Blind Eye powerfully shows the realities of a child’s life whose abuse was not only known but tolerated. Hope and optimism are prevalent in the fight against ending abuse and generational traumas. Yet, the novel does not ignore the harsh realities of trauma’s tragic outcomes.

Readers are raving about Turning A Blind Eye.

“If you ever wondered what it is like to walk in the shoes of a helpless child whose trust was betrayed by the very person who was supposed to protect them… then this is the book for you.”…

“This author did a wonderful job of drawing you in and taking you along her journey. It’s very detailed, emotional and last but not least educational”…

“Te’ Writes has not only grabbed the attention of her readers but helps you become one with the character Chantel. You feel the sadness, heartache and pain from this family’s dark secret. While gaining a deeper understanding of her journey as a young woman whose road to overcoming and speaking out”…

Turning A Blind Eye is now available as a hardcover or paperback at Barnes & NoblesAmazon, Apple, Google Books and Kobo.

Te’Writes is best known for writing meaningful stories. She has always nurtured her passion for writing non-fictional stories which stem from her life experiences. In her debut book, Turning A Blind Eye, she gives a deep revelation of her childhood including certain traumatic events which the main character Chantel experiences and conquers. Te’ Writes is emerging and looks forward to satisfying the hunger for good literature by her growing audience. In her spare time, you can find her hiking on her favorite mountain trails. She currently resides in the metropolis of Denver.

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