PauseMe introduces an elegant, bluetooth work-from-anywhere button for Zoom calls that everyone’s been wanting

January 06 17:36 2022
PauseMe enables people working from home to instantly toggle between virtual and real-life obligations – seamlessly pop in and out of work life, with calm confidence.

New United States-based company PauseMe is out to take the way people work from home to the next level after unveiling a must-have Bluetooth Video and Microphone Controller (VMC) button that allows them to turn their video or audio on and off during Zoom calls with a single click. 

“As remote work becomes the norm, this means work life and personal life are blurring together more than ever. We have entered into a new reality where joining with audio or joining with video is a crucial decision. Navigating virtual offices, classrooms, and meetings now equates to allowing other, more personal parts of our lives to crawl into our professional personas. That’s where PauseMe comes into the picture,” a company representative said in a statement.

The PauseMe button allows users to take control of their virtual meetings with confidence, instantly. They can utilize the button to seamlessly toggle between the “off” and “on” setting for their video and microphone.

The past two years have shown that the possibilities for an interruption during virtual meetings are endless: kids yelling at each other, dogs whining and looking to get out, someone knocking at the door, and the refrigerator inviting with the promise of snacks.

With an innovative Work-from-Home button in place, individuals get to avoid awkward situations in which parts of their personal life accidentally end up on the screen for their business partners or workmates to see. 

Apart from being Bluetooth-enabled, PauseMe is compatible with Zoom and requires no downloads or software. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It is sleek, ergonomic, and serves as an easy-to-use button for on-the-go moments. The Zoom button aims to empower people to reclaim their virtual space.

“The ingenious Zoom button enables individuals to stop worrying and live their professional lives with the confidence they deserve,” the representative adds.

Remote work is here to stay for good for millions of people. The PauseMe work-from-home button serves as a great addition to working from home like a pro, making work more bearable and convenient to navigate. PauseMe aims to make headway in the industry and bring technological solutions closer to the people.

Those who are ready to take control of their next Zoom call may purchase the PauseMe button right away for $25.00.

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