On the First and Second of September, 1859, solar particles from a Coronal Mass Ejection hit the Earth

January 06 14:46 2022

On the First and Second of September, 1859, solar particles from a Coronal Mass Ejection hit the Earth.  They triggered a massive Electromagnetic Pulse, or EMP.  Dubbed the “Carrington Event”, the 1859 EMP knocked-out telegraph systems around the world.  The EMP caused the Aurora Borealis to light-up the night sky as far south as the Caribbean.  Will another Carrington Event occur? Scientists say it’s not a matter of if, but of when.  Fast Forward to our modern world. What would be the effects of a Coronal Mass Ejection on our modern technological society? Owen Davis’s amazing book focuses on the imaginary state of the world when an EMP suddenly destroys all electronics, communications, and transportation systems.

The Event completely destroys the supply chains essential for distributing food, medicine, energy, and everyday needs throughout the world. In the aftermath, one family tries to stay together and survive. They are but a handful of the billions of people are struggling to survive around the world. Without emergency transportation or communications, no one is coming to their rescue. Essential supplies rapidly disappear from store shelves. The author vividly describes what no transportation systems really mean in our modern world. This imaginary situation gives birth to a chaotic world where there is only injustice and suffering. “The Event” is the author’s masterpiece. He amazingly describes the dystopian world. The reader is drawn into the story of what will happen when modern technology fails our world.

Why not read something exciting that takes your imagination to the next level? This book is available on Amazon. So, hurry before it sells out.

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