Summit Sales Development Emerges as the Highest Level of Training Available for Contractors

May 13 23:36 2022
Contractors across North America are searching for one on one leadership and sales training. Founder, Zach Forner is taking things to another altitude.

Contractor based organizations are among some of the top performing companies in North America. However, many of these organizations lack good processes and training. For several years the trend in development has been via e-learning platforms, but not everyone is pleased. Enter, Summit Sales Development; which is emerging as the highest level of leadership and sales training in the trades industries. Zach Forner, founder of Summit Sales Development recognized a significant need after serving as a senior executive, sales coach, leadership expert and professional speaker for nearly 20 years. He decided that something had to be done about today’s “coaching” within the trades industries. In his words, “I’ve worked with some of the top contractors in North America and they all want something similar; tangible one on one leadership and sales development for their companies”. Forner goes on to say, “Unfortunately, many coaches are putting their content on e-learning platforms in order to scale. In fact, I also utilize virtual coaching, but if you don’t train and mentor the person on an individual level along the way; then it’s much harder to get lasting change for the organization.”

Summit Sales Development was born out of a heart to scale people first in order to scale organizations; whether that be an emerging leader or an up and coming sales professional. When asked about the most important aspect of scaling people, Forner replied, “ I believe there is greatness in everyone but most people will never find it. Our purpose at Summit is to pull it out of them; and it’s usually uncomfortable, but that’s how you truly scale a person”.

As a company focused on building the greatest sales organizations in the trades industries, Summit realizes the challenges facing many trades owners and companies in today’s marketplace. Labor, material shortages, rising inflation, increased competition and many other factors. However, in light of these challenges, Summit chooses to help its clients focus on what can be controlled. According to the company, three things always remain in an organization’s control. First, a never ending focus on providing solutions for customers, followed by a never ending focus on the development of your leaders, and lastly; focus on sales growth through sales development and process. In line with this, Forner stated, “Mediocre companies focus on the product and unknowingly provide a solution. Top performing companies focus on solutions and knowingly provide a product. This is why our entire training is based on providing solutions. Our number one rule is to never sell anything, and it works.”

Summit is poised to take leadership and sales training to a whole new level, specifically here in North America. Plans are underway for some ground-breaking ideas that have never been seen or attempted before in the trades industries. Upon asking for more information; the company responded, “Let’s keep it a mystery for now, but it’s going to be special.”

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