THE HOME WITHIN YOU Builds Self-Awareness, Self-Esteem, and Resilience

August 03 04:42 2022

A collection of books to teach children to look inward and feel at home within themselves.

Many children today are struggling mentally, emotionally, and spiritually while parents and guardians feel hopeless, lacking the understanding of the questions to promote self-reflection in them. Without the tools to support our children to journey inward, they may encounter feelings of isolation and even mental health challenges. The Home Within You book collection was created for parents and guardians who wish to promote the development of a strong internal compass to help their children navigate their life’s journey and build self-awareness, self-esteem, and resilience. These qualities can be taught and understood through lessons and intentional moments such as those experienced while reading the books.

Suzie Stern, the author of The Home Within You book collection, is a mother of two daughters and a family lawyer in Toronto. She represents women who are survivors of domestic violence, and she represents children in the context of both custody/access and child protection litigation. Many of the children she represents reside in foster care, group homes, or on their own. It is Stern’s privilege and passion to have discussions with children that provoke them to think about their inner world. The Home Within You book collection codifies the lessons she imparts to children so that they may look inward and feel at home. It is her greatest hope that this book collection helps children learn early on to know and love themselves.

The Home Within You is the original Reading Book that all of the other books in the series originate from. There is an Introduction Book with a more simplified read to introduce children and young readers to the concepts found in the original book – The Home Within You. There is also an Activity Book with worksheets, coloring, and reflection pages based on the original The Home Within You content, to reinforce the lessons and enhance engagement with the concepts. The Side By Side Book is for the parent/guardian and child and is intended to develop a deep connection. The pages are divided between child and side-by-side participants to emphasize working in tandem. There is also a Teaching Book with worksheets, coloring, reflection pages, and unique lesson plans based on the original The Home Within You content. This book also includes a login to access all PDFs.

Some questions that parents and educators must ask themselves:

1. Are they fostering an environment where their children can learn early on to know and love themselves;

2. Are they seeking to impart to their children such values as introspection, reflection, self-love, and compassion?

3. Are they committed to laying the foundation for their children for a lifetime of emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being? If any of their answers are YES, then they should introduce The Home Within You book collection to their children.

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