Anthony Korculanic Raises Awareness About Sustainable Energy, Proposing Simple Solutions to Counter Contemporary Energy Consumption Habits

October 27 08:30 2022
Anthony Korculanic is the president of XO Media and a distinguished expert in architecture & design. Mr. Anthony touched on the importance of green energy and how sustainable energy practices can help the world.

“Energy waste on a global scale paints a bleak picture,” said Anthony Korculanic, imparting that many countries may be taking energy for granted. Energy Information Administration’s research proved Mr. Anthony’s statement to be true, indicating that certain countries waste as much as 30% of produced energy annually. 

Quadrillions of Btu are wasted on things that have a viable alternative; Mr. Anthony Korculanic imparted that “the world does not need to ‘invent’ a new way of conserving and intelligently using energy – it merely needs to adopt it.”

Businesses with a propensity to ‘over-purchase’ energy cells could contribute to the green cause by making smarter purchases. According to cutting-edge research, it is estimated that roughly 30% of all energy purchases are wasted on commercial buildings and manufacturing facilities. 

Traditional vehicles, although many would consider them “modern” based on aesthetics and engine power, waste up to 60% of energy; combustion engines are capped at 40% efficiency while the remainder is wasted on burning fuel. 

Mr. Anthony Korculanic stated that shifting to electric cars can make a significant impact on global energy consumption, imparting that electric drive systems only make up to 15-20% in terms of wasted energy, which is only a fraction of what gasoline engine cars waste. 

Even though poor energy conservation habits of consumers can be attributed to merely 2-5% of total wasted energy, “every Joule matters in the grand scheme of things,” said Anthony Korculanic. 

It is estimated that a typical household wastes approximately 35% energy. Incandescent light bulbs, electronics that remain plugged in when not in use, as well as lights being left on day in and day out are some of the habits that are wrongly considered “normal”.

“Everyone can contribute by adopting simple sustainable energy practices,” said Mr. Korculanic.

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