PhD Success AE Introduces VIVA Preparation: What Happens Behind Closed Doors?

March 01 00:56 2023
PhD Success AE Introduces VIVA Preparation: What Happens Behind Closed Doors?
The viva voce, short viva or defense, is an oral examination of the PhD candidate on their thesis.
You will face at least two experts who act as examiners, and whose task is to check whether the thesis represents the student’s own work, whether or not the student can competently talk about it and explain or defend the choices made, whether the presented work is sufficient in novelty, quality, and scale, and that the data, the experiments, and the analysis support the drawn conclusions.

Dubai, UAE – Feb 28, 2023 – PhD Success AE has announced the introduction of viva preparation for thesis defense. The intention to have these services offered is to help students to understand what to expect, what happens, and how to better prepare for the viva.

PhD Success AE has been providing exceptional phd research and thesis defense services for over 12 years, with unparalleled success. Viva preparation is meant to support students so that they are able to show examiners the grasp of the different aspects of their projects, and PhD success has been there to guide students in the right direction.

Through the viva prep sessions, PhD Success experts guide students on how to present their submitted work to a panel of experts synonymous with the panel of examiners at live viva sessions. This is after an in-depth close quarter discourse on the content of their documents – wherein, they get to examine the different chapters and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

In preparing for viva, it is essential to understand the basics: what the research is about, what the student did, what the findings were and what impact that has made. Step by step, PhD Success has supported students to work from general, to research context, to the methodology, analysis, outcomes and findings.

At the end of it all, the preparation sessions provided by PhD Success have enabled students to be better at preparing answers both in summary and in-depth. 

The ability to practise summarising the key points, study findings, the methodology, and the reasons behind the selected strategy is key to ensuring excellence when undertaking viva examinations and PhD Success has crafted a systematic way to achieving that.

PhD Success has been at the forefront of providing executive research services in Dubai. Dr. Michael Literati, an established multidisciplinary expert with a solid multidisciplinary research assistance experience spanning 12 years, has been privileged to work closely with professors and scholars alike from universities in the UAE, including but not limited to renowned United Arab Emirates University in Abu Dhabi, British University in Dubai, Canadian University in Dubai, Emirates University, Khalifa University, American University of Sharjah, and Zayed University among others.

For more information about preparing for the viva, send your enquiries to PhD Success AE.

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