My Friendship with Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton by Dr. Mary Hilaire Unravelling the Adventurous story of the Author

March 02 22:27 2023

The book captivates fans with a historical and adventurous storyline.

 Dr. Mary Hilaire is a highly-eligible educator, public speaker, and author of seven renowned books and has taught 3,000 students over the past forty-five years. She has authored numerous publications in several genres and is considered one of the most highly-regarded and experienced authors. Using her expertise, the author published My Friendship with St. Elizabeth Ann Seton on the 5th of April 2019, which soon became one of the best-selling books on Amazon. 

A novel with a unique storyline center on a passionate relationship between an author born in 1948 and an individual born in 1774. A forty-year story follows the exploits of Dr. Mary Hilaire Tavenner and her devotion to Elizabeth Ann Seton, America’s first saint. This book features a highly engaging storyline where readers will learn about Mother Seton’s life and experience a first-person account of her canonization by one of the 14,000 Americans in Rome at the time.

The thrilling storyline will enable readers to gain knowledge of the procedure and verified miracles that led to her canonization.

“I am a former Syracuse Franciscan nun for nearly 20 years, worked as a script consultant for a $3,000,000.00 docudrama, (A Time for Miracles), on the life of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, produced by ABC-TV and aired nationally in 1980. As a direct result of almost 15 years of effort in my hometown of Lorain, OH, I obtained an elementary school in Lorain to honor fellow writer Helen Steiner Rice. I am an educator, public speaker, and author of seven other books,” shares Dr. Mary Hilaire, the author of My Friendship with St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. 

Apart from contributing to the production of the Elizabeth Ann Seton biopic A Time for Miracles, the author provides readers with an insight into the behind-the-scenes accounts of the memoirs of a $3 million Hollywood biopic about St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. The book unfolds many personal experiences, anecdotes, and information unique to Mother Seton. The adventures of Hilaire and Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton will appeal to readers, having a devotion to a particular saint.

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