Navy Veteran Shares Story Of How He Helped His Wife Recover After She Was Assaulted

March 03 23:39 2023

When author and US Navy submarine veteran Shaun Hamilton’s wife was assaulted at the beginning of their relationship, he found himself playing a critical role in her recovery process.

After the initial shock and court trials, Shaun realized the importance of his presence in her life as she healed.

He spent the last five years writing a book and developing training for partners of survivors of intimate abuse. This is an important issue that often goes unspoken.

According to RAINN, every 68 seconds, an American is assaulted, and every 9 minutes that person is a child.

That means that there are likely many people who are close to you or someone you know who have experienced intimate abuse.

This book is essential for anyone who wants to be supportive to a survivor. The book is designed for partners of survivors, but can help anyone who wants to be more informed about how to support a loved one who has been violated.

It covers how to navigate one of the most challenging situations that partners can face in the healing process: the survivor having a PTSD reaction or flashback during a consensual experience. Shaun talks about the importance of having self regulation skills and how building his emotional intelligence was critical to helping his wife recover from this trauma. These skills also helped them both recover their lost intimacy and renew their bond.

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