Alabama Cosmetic Dentist Helps Patients Achieve Their Perfect Smile

March 08 05:03 2023
Smile Makeovers are no longer a thing of Hollywood Elites or strictly for “the rich and famous.” Dr. Pruitt performs smile makeovers in his office every day and the results are amazing.

When one walks into the private dental practice of Dr. G. Robin Pruitt, Jr., D.M.D., one realizes they are at a special place. Vestavia Family Dentistry & Facial Aesthetics is located in Birmingham, Alabama, in an area known as Vestavia Hills. Patients immediately sense a level of comfortability and professionalism throughout the practice and realize quickly that they have found their new dental home.

As the founder and owner of Vestavia Family Dentistry & Facial Aesthetics, Dr. Pruitt has been in private practice for nearly three decades. The practice is well known as The Smile Transformation Center of the Southeast. Dr. Pruitt’s practice is built on the foundations of restorative and cosmetic dentistry combined with enhanced facial aesthetics and injectables in their gorgeous OPNWYD MedSpa. As a national injectables trainer and lecturer, Dr. Pruitt also instructs courses and trains dentists throughout the United States on the uses of Botox and dermal fillers for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes.

During his 29 years as a full-time aesthetic dentist, Dr. Pruitt has managed to create a niche within the realm of Smile Makeovers, cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics with injectables through his social media accounts with Instagram @opnwyd_dmd and TikTok @opnwyd_dmd. 

At a recent lecture Dr. Pruitt presented in Miami, Florida he explained it to the doctors attending like this: “When we perform a Smile Makeover, I consider that new and beautiful smile as the ‘art’. Once that piece of art is complete, it only makes sense that the art is then encased in a frame that compliments the art, which in dentistry is considered the lips and the face.”

The amazing smile transformations that Dr. Pruitt can reimagine and create for his patients are oftentimes unfathomable. “Having the ability to take a patient from a place where they have been told they have to have braces for two to three years; they have to have jaw surgery and then they can later consider making their smile better down the road, well that is not always the case,” he says.

Every patient and every case Dr. Pruitt is presented with, he makes sure to dedicate the time to sit and speak directly one-on-one with his patients to fully understand the patient’s ideal end goals for their smile makeovers. He wants to know why the patient wants this dramatic change to their physical appearance and wants to know why or how their current smile has affected them, professionally or personally, throughout their life thus far.

“When we perform a Smile Makeover, it is all hands-on-deck with my incredibly trained team.” The patient is heavily involved throughout the process, starting with the initial appointment…We want the patient to have a hand and a voice in every part of the design process. The shape, length, shade, and characteristics of each individual tooth goes into consideration when designing the patient’s new smile. “This is not a cookie-cutter approach, where everyone gets the same smile. We want to see YOU in YOUR new smile.” says Dr. Pruitt.

“The satisfaction I receive in having played a major role in this life changing decision for our patients is why I do what I do and is what continues to motivate me to give my patients these life-altering smiles and results that they come to me looking for.” Dr. Pruitt added. 

One of Dr. Pruitt’s employees claims, “after 10 years chairside assisting for Dr. Pruitt, the smile makeover cases over the last few years have been astounding to witness firsthand as a dental assistant. It really is a life-altering change, but life-altering in the best way possible.” 

Dr. Pruitt added, “we treat patients locally and nationally throughout the United States. It’s mind boggling how many patients I have had drive or fly in for their appointments with us. People seem to love what we have to offer.”

“My philosophy is simple: If you do not love your current smile or are insecure to the point where you’re trying to constantly cover up your teeth during any kind of face-to-face interactions with other people, then it’s important to know any imperfections or changes you wish to make to your smile is absolutely achievable. I have never and will never allow a patient, new or existing, to leave my practice feeling hopeless or defeated about their smiles.” said Dr. Pruitt.

Making people smile again is the part of dentistry Dr. Pruitt loves; having the ability to change someone’s smile, and change their life is the gift of dentistry that keeps on giving. 

To make a Smile Makeover consultation appointment with Dr. Pruitt, one can contact their office directly by phone 205-823-3223, visit their website to request an appointment, or send a direct and private message to Dr. Pruitt directly via his Instagram @opnwyd_dmd for a virtual consultation.

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