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March 14 13:34 2023

What Is An Excavator Grapple?

The excavator grapple is a kind of excavator attachment. In order to deal with different scenarios, excavator grapples are designed to easily help operators move waste, stones, wood and garbage, etc.

Common types of excavator grapples include log grapple, orange peel grapple, bucket grapple, demolition grapple, stone grapple, etc.

The most common type is bucket grapples. This attachment is ideal for dredging. The bucket clamp is a sharp tool that integrates the functions of a bucket and a clamp. Because of its light weight, flexible operation, and convenient shovel grasping, it can scoop up a large amount of material at a time. The clamp is opened when digging and tightened when turning, can prevent materials from being scattered, help operators better and more easily grab, extract, clean up materials, and accurately stack them in the required position, so they are deeply loved by domestic and foreign customers.

Another type of excavator grapple is the log grapple. This attachment is specially designed for moving logs. There are usually teeth or spikes on the jaws that allow them to grip logs securely.

Another type of excavator grapple is the orange peel grapple. It is mostly used for area removal of garbage, such as scrap steel, scrap handling, loading and unloading.

Demolition & Sorting Grapples are designed for fast, productive material handling. Made of wear-resistant steel and 360º hydraulic rotation.

Capable of high-volume, production loading and precise sorting, to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your operation.

Handle anything from primary and secondary demolition to recycling to get the job done.

Improve material handling efficiency

Create a versatile and powerful material handling tool by an excavator grapple be added to an excavator arm. They help you to grab and move large quantities of material quickly and easily. This can significantly increase efficiency and reduce the time and effort.

If you’re looking for a versatile and powerful material handling tool, an excavator grapple is an ideal choice.

As one of the leading excavator grapple manufacturers in China, Jiwei produces a full range of excavator grapples for various makes and models of excavators.

In conclusion

There is a wide variety of excavator grapple on the market and they come in many sizes and styles to meet the needs of different jobs, then make sure to check out the selection available from Jiwei, they can be used to move large objects quickly and efficiently from Move from one place to another. In addition, these tools offer many advantages including increased safety, increased productivity and minimized environmental impact. Additionally, their ability to be easily customized for specific tasks makes them ideal for many businesses in this field. With all that said, it’s no wonder why excavator grapples are so popular.

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