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March 16 20:22 2023

All people have been there on some level – feeling uncomfortable, awkward, incompetent or just overall feeling badly about themselves. Even the most confident people on earth suffer from feeling bad at times, so it is definitely normal.

But those with an anxiety disorder tend to also suffer from chronic and low self-esteem. Anxiety is excellent at twisting what is actually happening into what it wants you to think as real. You might be an extraordinarily gifted artist, but your anxiety tricks you into thinking you are terrible and no one will ever appreciate your work. You might be the funniest person in the room, but your anxiety works in overdrive to ensure you think no one would ever pay any attention to you. People with anxiety and low self-esteem tend to be hyper-aware and hyper-vigilant of any kind of sign that might translate to inadequacy or rejection. Even when there are no signs, a person with anxiety may imagine that there is. is known to play a role in general anxiety disorder (GAD) and social anxiety disorder (SAD). While reduced self-esteem may put you at risk of later social anxiety, having an anxiety disorder can also make you feel bad about yourself. can help you to have a positive mental health and well-being. High self-esteem is excellent as it helps you develop coping skills, deal with adversity, and put the negative into perspective.

What several people do not recognize is that having some anxiety is healthy; people just don’t always know how to deal with it. If you study about how your body responds to fear, you can implement skills to feel more positive. You can take some time during the day to keep in mind the good things about yourself and commemorate your achievements and accomplishments. Writing down good moments and successes can give you concrete reminders of what you are capable of during your low moments.

Anxiety is such an incapacitating decrease. It can strike anyone, and strip down all their reserves. Thus, whoever you are, no matter how confident and self-assured you may be naturally, you can be well and truly knocked. It is so essential to remember this does not make you frail, and you are not alone. can nourish your self-esteem when it is low:

  • Identify your competencies and develop them.
  • Use positive affirmations properly.
  • Learn to accept compliments.
  • Affirm your real worth.
  • Get rid of self-criticism and introduce self-compassion.

Self-esteem is often the result of a lifetime of experiences, and particularly what happened to us as children. However, it is possible to improve your self-esteem at any age. Standing up straight reflects confidence, even when you feel anxious or insecure. 

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