Retire In Costa Rica, One of The World’s Five Blue Zones by Jason Herasemluk

March 18 03:24 2023
Retire In Costa Rica, One of The World’s Five Blue Zones by Jason Herasemluk

March 17, 2023 – Jason Herasemluk through experience tells why Costa Rica is a great place to retire. The secret to living a long, happy life can be found in the mountains of Costa Rica. Costa Rica’s Blue Zone is located in the central part of the North-Western Nicoya Peninsula and it includes the cantons of Hojancha, Nandayure, Carrillo, Santa Cruz and Nicoya. People are known to have the longest lifespans in the world in Costa Rica making it the best place to retire. Costa Rica is one of the five world’s Blue Zone. Blue Zones are areas where people live longer, vibrant and healthier lives. 

Men over the age of 60 are seven times more likely to reach the 100-year mark than the global average in Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. Costa Rica’s life expectancy is highbased on three basic principles: diet, lifestyle and sense of purpose. People in the Blue Zone don’t necessarily go to the gym, but they get moderate exercise every day working and walking and free from the stresses of modern life. 

“Living in Costa Rica is like stepping back in time. It’s a place where monkeys, parrots and iguanas live in tandem with the human population. The wildlife howls and caws at the crack of dawn. It’s a natural alarm clock that rouses the locals to brew their coffee and begin the day’s labors. Farmers still use oxcarts more than a century after they became antiquated in most other countries. Costa Rica’s Blue Zone is known for people of remarkable longevity. Make this magical area your retirement destination and explore and discover the long-life secrets of the Nicoya Peninsula Blue Zone” says Jason Herasemluk

The Costa Rica Blue Zone diet is mainly natural, unprocessed wholesome foods such as squash, rice, beans, and corn. Much of the food is still homegrown and homemade such as tortillas, gallo pinto, plantains and tropical fruits, with meat thrown in just a few times a week. Gallo pinto (rice and beans) with eggs is a breakfast staple throughout Costa Rica.

Since its designation as a Blue Zone, the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica has drawn the interest of scientists, nutritionists and anthropologists, and anyone else looking to unlock the secrets of vitality from the far-flung areas in countries with the highest longevity rates. Costa Rican perks comes mostly from reduced incidence of cardiovascular diseases, coupled with a low prevalence of obesity.

Once one get off the beaten path in Costa Rica and away from the paved roads, mammoth tourist resorts and bright lights, one will begin to understand why this place is so special. Traveling deeper into the green valleys and higher into the lush hills, the feeling of being in a carefree lifestyle and in another world dawns.

Families tend to eat larger meals at lunchtime and lighter meals early in the evening. The food is low in added sugar, and there are few processed snacks. Studies have linked diets that are lower in calories to longer lifespans. The water may also affect longevity in this region. The water of the Nicoya Peninsula is high in calcium and magnesium, contributing to low osteoporosis rates and low rates of heart disease.

Pura Vida everyone!

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