​​Introducing the Comprehensive Guide to Employment Lawyers: Understand Their Role and When to Seek Their Services

May 02 15:10 2023
​​Introducing the Comprehensive Guide to Employment Lawyers: Understand Their Role and When to Seek Their Services

Los Angeles, CA – West Coast Employment Lawyers is excited to present their newest resource, “What Is an Employment Lawyer?” This all-encompassing website delivers insights on the role of an employment lawyer in safeguarding the rights of employers and employees under California’s labor and employment laws.

The website delves into the common practice areas for employment lawyers, including racial discrimination, gender discrimination, workplace retaliation, wage and hour violations, and wrongful termination. It also outlines the procedure for handling labor and employment claims, such as case evaluation, clarifying the client’s legal rights, assessing the advantages and disadvantages, and pursuing a favorable settlement.

An employment lawyer is a legal professional who provides services to employers and employees experiencing workplace issues that violate California’s labor and employment laws. Typical practice areas where an employment lawyer offers legal assistance include racial discrimination, gender discrimination, workplace retaliation, wage and hour violations, and wrongful termination.

Each case is unique, requiring employment lawyers to adopt specific approaches. Generally, when handling a labor and employment claim, an employment lawyer will evaluate the client’s case, explain the client’s legal rights, determine the pros and cons involved, and strategize the best course of action.

The primary goal of an employment lawyer is to secure a favorable settlement for the client, which may include compensatory damages and/or punitive damages for any losses caused by the opposing party. Mediation is often the first step in reaching a resolution; however, if the parties cannot agree, the case proceeds to litigation. The employment lawyer continues to represent the client in court until a final decision is reached regarding the violation of California’s labor and employment laws.

The guide emphasizes when to contact an employment lawyer, such as in situations involving harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and other workplace violations, and who to reach out to in such circumstances.

Employers or employees experiencing any form of harassment, mistreatment, or discrimination from superiors or coworkers in the workplace should contact an employment lawyer. Victims of unlawful actions, including harassment or discrimination based on race, religion, disability, age, or gender; wrongful termination following job-protected leave; retaliation for exercising legal rights; denial of overtime pay; lack of promotion or raise; biased layoff decisions; demotion after returning from Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL) or FMLA leave; or threats of termination or demotion in exchange for favors should seek the assistance of an employment lawyer to protect their legal rights and obtain justice.

These are some common labor and employment violations reported over the years, but there are other situations where an employer or employee may be qualified to file a lawsuit against the harasser or discriminator.

If unsure whether a situation qualifies as harassment or discrimination, it is best to contact an employment lawyer. They will review the case and advise if moving forward with the filing process is appropriate.

The website also explores California’s labor and employment laws, featuring the updated statute of limitations for harassment claims and the new law regarding taking time off work to attend your child’s school activities.

Labor and employment laws in California change annually, with new laws introduced and older ones updated to provide more convenience and stability for employers and employees. Some recent changes impacting employment include:

  1. The Statute of Limitations for Harassment Claims: Previously one year from the incident’s initial date or discovery, the statute of limitations has been extended to three years, granting victims two additional years to file a lawsuit against the harasser.

  2. Taking Time Off of Work to Attend Your Child’s School Activities: California Labor Code 230.8 allows parents up to 40 hours per year (8 hours per month) to take time off for their child’s school or daycare activities, such as enrollment, graduation, school plays, or picking up a sick child from school or daycare (the 8 hours per month rule does not apply to this situation). This law applies to companies with 25 or more employees. Employers may request proof of attendance at the child’s school activity, and the employee must provide evidence of their participation.

West Coast Employment Lawyers is committed to offering the most up-to-date information and resources for employers and employees to better understand their workplace rights.

“What Is an Employment Lawyer?” is just one of the numerous resources provided by the firm to educate individuals on their rights and how to defend them. In addition to this comprehensive guide, the firm offers various resources, such as articles, FAQs, and videos, to ensure that individuals have access to a wealth of knowledge on labor and employment law.

By engaging with these resources, employers and employees can stay informed about their rights, obligations, and the latest changes in labor and employment laws in California. This knowledge is crucial for maintaining a fair, equitable, and legally compliant workplace environment.

The firm also provides personalized consultations to discuss specific workplace issues, guiding individuals on the best course of action and possible legal remedies. With a team of experienced employment lawyers, West Coast Employment Lawyers is dedicated to helping clients navigate the complexities of labor and employment disputes and secure the justice they deserve.

For more details on the firm’s services, visit the West Coast Employment Lawyers website at https://www.employmentattorneylosangeles.com. By staying informed and seeking the guidance of experienced employment lawyers when necessary, employers and employees can contribute to a more equitable and legally compliant workplace, ensuring that everyone’s rights are protected and upheld.

In conclusion, understanding the role of employment lawyers and knowing when to seek their services is essential for employers and employees facing workplace challenges. West Coast Employment Lawyers’ comprehensive guide offers valuable insights and resources to help individuals navigate the complex landscape of labor and employment law, ensuring they are equipped to protect their rights and achieve justice in the face of workplace violations.

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