Zippbnb, An Airbnb Alternative That Boasts Lower Fees and Bitcoin Acceptance, Launches This Summer

May 02 20:27 2023
Zippbnb, a debt-free privately held start-up, has emerged in lieu of rising inflation and currency evolutions to enter the short-term vacation rental industry. Zippbnb is an online short-term rental property listing and booking marketplace for hosts, guests, and event venues.

Vacation rental listing and booking is part of a $109 billion-dollar global market, and Zippbnb is ready to claim their spot in it. Also, a philanthropic venture, Zippbnb will also use a portion of their profits to fight hunger and homelessness in the locations where most needed. In the summer of 2023, will officially launch, along with their iOS and Android apps.

The advisory team at Zippbnb are veteran hospitality bankers whose thumbs are on the pulse of both the hospitality and vacation rental industries. Short-term vacation rentals have invaded the hospitality space and are potentially direct competitors of hotel chains if ignored. People listing their homes and spare rooms is now a lucrative trend – and is here to stay.  But hotels are also turn-key and isn’t going away either. Listing and booking marketplaces is a way for hotels and bed and breakfast spots to compete on a level playing field.  The advantage is that hotels can increase their visibility and revenue by listing their spare occupancy on these platforms. Zippbnb will use the aggregate marketplace business model approach just like Airbnb, and VRBO. They will feature lower booking and services fees, as well as instant host payouts. Zippbnb will accept property listings and bookings starting in the United States, spreading out to US territories, and eventually, globally. Zippbnb plans to recruit an army of affiliate marketers to spread the message about their platform, a program that Airbnb abandoned after their massive success. 

Bitcoin Acceptance, A Normal Course of Business At Zippbnb

The world is changing financially with a growing demand for the usage of crypto currency, and Zippbnb appears to respond to that demand.  According to Zahra Patel, spokesperson for Zippbnb, the new online platform can afford to make decisions such as accepting Bitcoin and offering lower fees because of their private ownership status.  

“Zippbnb is a private company who is not beholden to shareholders, we are beholden to our customers. We will initially launch our platform with no booking fees for hosts, and no credit card processing fee for guests.  We will accept Bitcoin as an option for payments and host payouts in addition to traditional payments,” says Ms. Patel.  Bitcoin acceptance is one of the main features that will set them apart from their legacy competitors who do not currently accept Bitcoin as a form a payment. 

Promising Iron-Clad Security To Fight Internet Fraud

“Zippbnb will not store payment information and credit card numbers on its site, instead, we have partnered with Opennode and Stripe” Patel explains. 

Stripe utilizes virtual “Fort Knox” styled technology to safely process and store customer’s financial and KYC data on their servers. “Hosts and guests can rest easy in that they are protected from fraud through a robust machine-learning ID screening through Stripe Identity onboarding for hosts, and Real ID for guests.” Ms. Patel expresses. Their web promo from that the platform will feature attractive listing pages, with advanced listing, search, and booking features. It will include interactive maps, a thorough review system, and a ton of other bells and whistles. They have also integrated an iCal feature for hosts to import their booking calendars from other booking sites to prevent overbooking. For convenience, hosts with multiple listings can bulk upload their listings and pictures into Zippbnb from other platforms.

Zippbnb Faces A Heavily Monopolized Market

Their heavy weight competitors, Airbnb,, and VRBO suck the oxygen out of the room, monopolizing the market. and VRBO are giants. But Airbnb is a behemoth, netting a $1.9-billion-dollar revenue in 2022, 14 years after their initial launch in San Francisco, CA.  In 2008, during the time of a United States recession, the founders started out selling air mattress space in their living room. Airbnb originated as a low-cost alternative for guests who needed accommodations, and for hosts to make additional money in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. Fast-forward to 2023, the United States unfortunately is suffering a similar economic crisis as in 2008.  Patel states, “They definitely paved the way, but the fee pricing of Airbnb appears to defeat their original objective. Combatting predatory platform fees in a volatile economy, is what we promise to do.  In addition, we are providing tools to assist customers to make and save money while enjoying a valuable experience. Because of the endless global inventory within the (short term rental) marketplace, we are not afraid. We believe there is plenty of room in the world for”  

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