Codesta Launches Staff Augmentation Services for Business Agility

May 02 21:03 2023

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, companies constantly seek ways to stay ahead. Critical projects, innovative initiatives, and tight deadlines often require highly specialized and niche skill sets that are not readily available in-house. This creates a pressing need for companies to seek freelancers who can provide the expertise and support required for success.

Codesta offers flexible and scalable solutions that meet all business requirements. They differentiate themselves by providing a highly personalized experience beyond matching freelancers with companies. The founder’s extensive experience as a software developer and Tech Startup CTO means they have the technical expertise to understand business needs and find the best-fit solution for unique requirements.

There are several key benefits to consider when it comes to staff augmentation;

–  The services help to avoid the costly overheads and administrative tasks associated with hiring full-time employees. Instead, One can access a network of top-tier freelancers with the expertise and skills required for a project. This can lead to significant cost savings and greater workforce flexibility and efficiency.

–  Access a pool of highly specialized talent that may be available in various ways. This can be especially valuable for companies that require niche skill sets for specific projects or initiatives. This can help to stay ahead of the competition while meeting tight deadlines and delivering high-quality results.

–  Ability to scale a team up or down as required. This is especially important for companies with fluctuating project needs, as it allows for quickly and easily adjusting the team size without needing long-term commitments or costly overheads.

Codesta understands that security is a top concern for companies regarding staff augmentation. That’s why they have implemented various security measures to ensure that data and networks remain secure. All network traffic is encrypted from the freelancer’s machine to the client via our enterprise-grade zero-trust network. Their service provider is SOC 2 Type 1 and ISO 27001 compliant and uses AES 256-bit encryption for confidence in security.

Staff augmentation is an excellent solution for companies needing niche skill sets for specific projects or initiatives. By working with Codesta, one can access a global network of top-tier freelancers with the expertise and skills required for a project without costly full-time hires or administrative tasks.

The flexible and scalable solutions are designed to meet clients’ business needs, allowing them to focus on what matters most – delivering high-quality results for their clients. Interested individuals can contact Codesta to learn more about how they can help a business succeed!

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