The future of franchising with Franchise 4.0: ZENSEI plans to introduce franchise collaboration using the ZENTO Network

May 02 22:15 2023
With the ZENTO Platform, anyone in the world can take part in the ZENSEI retailing business and earn a revenue share from the sales.

ZENSEI, a leading fast food restaurant chain, announces the introduction of a revolutionary franchise collaboration model using the ZENTO Network that leverages blockchain technology. With ZENSEI, anyone can earn profits through every sale by establishing a crypto-crowdfunded franchise of the fast-food restaurant chain. ZENTO Network harnesses the power of blockchain to provide a secure, transparent, accessible, and profitable franchise experience for investors. By leveraging blockchain technology, ZENSEI records proof of ownership and profit sharing in a smart contract giving franchise owners complete control over their investments.

Looking at its growth model, ZENSEI aims to open itself to the rest of the world by offering franchise opportunities. Since the franchise industry is ripe for disruption, ZENTO is leading the charge with franchise 4.0, which solves the problems and vulnerabilities of a conventional franchise system. Franchise 4.0 aims to position franchising as a strategic advantage from a financial standpoint by harnessing blockchain technology to develop a more fair and transparent franchise business. The ZENTO Platform introduces a franchise business ecosystem that benefits all parties.

Using a crypto-crowdfunded franchise model allows for a more inclusive approach that opens up investments in a ZENSEI franchise and will enable investors to track the performance of their assets. In ZENSEI’s 2023 plan, ZENTAMA will introduce ZENTO Network into the ZENSEI ecosystem. This decentralized economic system will enable the expansion of ZENSEI’s marketing to encompass the whole world. The ZENTO Platform will package the financial, marketing, and blockchain system into a distinct business ecosystem. 

ZENSEI outlets will automatically be in the ZENTO Network, and token holders can buy ownership shares from these outlets and receive profit shares every three months. Each outlet will have one million shares with a range of selling values determined by the type of outlet, location, and total sales generated. Profits from outlets will be automatically shared among shareholders every three months based on the ownership percentage. Holders can also resell their shares at a higher price.

“By purchasing ownership tokens in ZENSEI, investors can benefit from the volatility of the token process, receive dividends and even trade ownership rights on the secondary market. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to get involved in the rapidly growing fast-food industry.”

ZENTO Network uses public blockchain to avoid the limitations of a traditional centralized database. All records and transactions will be stored and available to all holders to enhance innovative community interactions across the network and ensure high levels of security, more transparency, cheaper maintenance costs, and lifetime transaction records. 

“With this blockchain technology, everyone around the globe can participate in this ZENSEI retailing business without hindrance and avoid the risk of fraud.”

ZENSEI is committed to providing tools and resources that help its franchisees succeed. Being at the forefront of a new era of franchise collaboration, ZENSEI is excited to deploy the full capabilities of the ZENTO Network and lead the way with Franchise 4.0, which will redefine the future of fast-food franchising.

Learn more about ways to benefit from a decentralized franchise with ZENSEI, a rapidly growing fast-food franchise chain.


ZENSEI opened its doors in Bandung City in 2018, a small booth serving their signature smoked beef rice boxes with various toppings. This unique new concept established ZENSEI as the pioneer of Sei Beef. When the pandemic struck, ZENSEI adjusted its business model to survive and thrive in the new environment, which led to its launch of ZENSEI frozen food in many parts of Indonesia. With newfound success, the business continues to innovate from various angles to grow and avail its products to more people across the country. In 2021, ZENSEI received the first-place award for the prestigious Young Entrepreneur Success Zone (YEZ) organized by Bank BJB Tbk.

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