Where Technology and Jewelry Meet: The Inspiring Story Behind ARE JEI

May 02 23:00 2023
Unique jewelry gifts for women who love to be at the forefront of fashion and tech.

At the intersection of technology and jewelry lies the inspiring story of ARE JEI, a tech-inspired jewelry line founded by Reem Jaghlit, a woman in tech with over two decades of experience in computer engineering. The fusion of her seemingly opposite passions—technology and jewelry—led to the birth of this new concept of tech-inspired jewelry. Her designs offer women a stylish way to express their passion for technology through beautiful and meaningful jewelry.

ARE JEI’s first line is its unique and stylish binary encoded bracelets. These bracelets are customizable, allowing one to encode special years or letters in binary code using beautiful binary (zero and one) charms. Gifting these bracelets to loved ones is a great way to express love and admiration as each bracelet carries a unique message that holds significant meaning. It’s the perfect way to express one’s individuality and passion for technology while making a fashion statement. https://arejei.com/collections/personalized-gifts

In addition to the beautiful design, what makes ARE JEI so special is its mission to provide an entry point for women to learn about technology. By wearing stylish binary encoded bracelets, they can spark conversations about binary code and create curiosity for others to explore different concepts in tech.

In a world where women make up only 27% of the tech workforce, promoting gender diversity is essential. ARE JEI provides a unique and unconventional approach to achieve this goal through jewelry.

As Reem says, “Jewelry is more than just a fashion accessory. It can tell stories about who you are and what means the most to us.” That’s precisely what ARE JEI aims to do – inspire women to explore tech, celebrate what’s meaningful and make a statement about their interests and values. The name of the company comes from Reem’s initials, R for ARE and J for JEI, and embodies her vision, passion, and energy. Check out ARE JEI jewelry and become part of the change today.

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