Chris Howe from Absent Earth Free Live Events.

May 02 23:15 2023
Hands across America, Free Live Absent Earth Healing Event.

For the last 40 years of working as a Healer, Life Therapist & Wellbeing Coach, Chris has made house calls, “I believe it essential that healing happens in the comfort of the home” he says. Chris has been lucky to have worked in some of the major Cities of the World, London, New York, Calgary, Sydney, Perth Cairns, and Ciro to Capetown.

Now at 63, Chris wants to take his foot off the Gas as far as travel is concerned. 20 years ago he developed the Healing Bracelet and then the Healing Handprint and today combining the power of Earthing with the Power of Healing he is proud to be able to offer Direct Absent Earth Healing.

Having tested this system clients are reporting that “it’s just like Contact Healing or having the healer lay on hands, so as good as the real thing”.

For over 40 years, Chris has worked with people worldwide, offering healing that comes through him. Not only has Chris worked, with the rich and famous but down to Earth folk like himself. Chris has also worked with the Cree and Blackfoot in North America and also the Aboriginal communities of Africa and Australia where Chris would say he feels most at home.

After reading about Clint Ober who discovered and developed Earthing, Chris was interested to see what could happen if he put a print of his Healing Hand on an Eathing Mat, So he ordered a couple of Mats from his UK supplier and printed his hand onto them. keeping the Master printed mat and posting one off to a client in Australia along with some Earthing Patches which were also sent to clients in Canada, and Ireland. They plugged in and away they went. Incredible sensations from the Earthing. If you do nothing else you can order Earthing products in the UK, Australia and Europe from use discount code CHRISHOWE to get a 10% discount. If you are in North America and Canada go to This will change your life for the better. Adding Direct Absent Healing to the Earthing has amazing results. Earthing in essence puts your body back in balance, gives pain relief and “Gives you your life back” Thanks to Clint, says Chris. The Healing helps with other illnesses which Chris has had much success with over the last 40 years and Chris thanks God for this. The combination of Earthing and Healing gives a Fusion of Energy or as Chris calls it Direct Absent Earth Healing.

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