A Look Into The Process Of Spiritual Awakening By Neal Ritter

May 03 14:09 2023
A Look Into The Process Of Spiritual Awakening By Neal Ritter

As a genuine teaching novel, Truth Beyond Words, is incomparable. This intuitive book begins by revealing the thoughts of a psychologist as he guides his client through the psychotherapeutic process. It focuses on the dynamic relationship between the therapist and client and leads the reader on a journey of Self-awakening. Through the course of the book, the client experiences a whirlwind of unpredictable and challenging life events that depict the challenges a person might confront in the journey to awareness.

There are not a lot of writers who have delved into the depth of such a process. However, Neal Ritter has successfully captured the complexity of this topic in an extremely realistic manner. It provides perspective on things that truly matter while stimulating awareness of the transcendental. Truth Beyond Words truly piques the readers’ interest and helps them learn more about the truth found within the human mind and beyond.

To assist in traversing a world in which people are all too often selfish and self-centered, interested readers should get their hands on this book. It will be truly beneficially in helping them sift meaning from all of the catastrophic news that dominates our constant media exposure. To find inner peace and become more self-aligned, we must strive to make the most of our time on earth. This book provides much needed direction toward that goal.

About The Author

Neal Ritter received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Arkansas in 1978 and later completed postdoctoral work in neuropsychology. He is now retired but enjoyed a fascinating career that led him from a small town in the mountains of Arkansas to Phoenix, Hot Springs, and New Orleans. He ultimately settled 30 years ago in Fayetteville, AR, where he lives with his wife, Ana, and 2 dogs.

Because he has always enjoyed new challenges, he left a successful practice mid-career to spend a couple of years as a business consultant. He followed up that adventure by developing a carpet reconditioning service for used cars that expanded to most of the major car dealerships in North Carolina and parts of South Carolina. If that sounds crazy to you, just think about his wife! The knowledge represented in this book is a product of the time he spent early in his career with a Western Master together with his decades of practice as a psychotherapist. In recognition of his multi-faceted career path, he received the Life Time Achievement Award from Who’s Who in America.

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