My Life Tutors Offers Affordable, Convenient Neurodivergent Student Support

May 03 19:12 2023

My Life Tutors understands the unique needs of neurodivergent students who are attending college. Unfortunately, few colleges have programs for these students and, of those that do, many are limited in capacity and geography, require a second application to the program, and cost as much as $10,000 in additional fees per semester. That’s why My Life Tutors is offering an affordable solution with up to 6 interactions per week at a time that works for each student’s schedule – all for just one-third of the cost of traditional college-based programs.

They understand the difficulties that come with accessing special services on campus and the potential for disengagement it can cause. That’s why their services don’t require you to go any farther than your cell phone. Their team offers support at the college of your student’s choice, so they can stay connected without feeling stigmatized or isolated. With their convenient program at an unbeatable price point, they hope to provide neurodivergent students with the support they need in order to reach their full potential in college and beyond.

My Life Tutors relies on neuroplasticity and the premises behind cognitive behavioral therapy to create positive changes to the brain. They believe through consistent and sustainable methods, life and executive functioning skills can be developed. This method is an excellent way for young adults to gain some of the mentoring support they need as they transition away from home and high school — something that can be an overwhelming experience for many.

In this way, My Life Tutors provides the scaffolding needed in this difficult period, allowing a greater level of consistency and reliability than may have been available before. As said by a company spokesperson,  “Colleges and adulthood require skills that most high schools don’t teach.  We do.”

By focusing on practical applications such as daily routines, organization strategies, time management plans, focus activities, goal planning and more, My Life Tutors helps individuals make measured progress towards achieving their goals. With regularly scheduled check-ins with mentors who understand how best to use neuroplasticity techniques in therapy sessions, young adults can develop their executive functioning skills in ways that never would have been possible before.

Overall, My Life Tutors is a revolutionary option for those looking to improve their executive functioning skills through neuroplasticity-based cognitive therapies. With consistent practices and reliable mentors providing guidance throughout this difficult transition period in life, there’s no limit to what individuals can achieve!

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