World’s First Dual Side Low Code with Kilobyte Size Templating Engine for Business Apps

May 03 19:39 2023

Cyberium has launched Studio and Interdesk to make backend and frontend in minutes. The rapid speed of building applications also brings bug free and table less run-anywhere benefits. Low code platforms promise a great deal of speed and efficiency to businesses. But it is hard to realize their full potential without a matching backend. A sizeable business application needs a solid backend and a great frontend to deliver the right quality of service. Backend is a term used to refer a set of shared or exclusive computing devices to run, execute and manage web applications, middleware, firewalls, and databases. Whereas a frontend refers to the application interface visible in an internet browser Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, and Safari. Mostly, every web application must have both frontend and backend for providing complete user experience and services. Most of the low code platforms or SDKs provide frontend automation. This improves the speed of delivery as well as the cost of development for the frontend but might not impact the overall project delivery due to backend customization needs for frontend.

Cyberium provides a dual side low code software development kit (DSLC SDK) for transaction-oriented applications. Being a hybrid blockchain based technology, the Studio lets you build backend using wire diagram like environment. Just drag and drop the building blocks and configure the access rules. Your indices, workflows and logic gateways are created automatically. And with a WordPress like user interface builder, called Interdesk, you can get a similarly rapid frontend.

There are many benefits of dual side low code like this DSLC. Firstly, it is much better than a software development lifecycle (SDLC) where weeks are spent on requirement gathering and months are spent in development. In case of DSLC, you get your results immediately. As we all know, markets keep changing at a rapid pace. If we can navigate the markets at their own speed, success is guaranteed. But if we don’t respond fast enough, the total investment of time and resources in software development gets wasted. Speed is not just a necessity of 21st century, it is a matter of survival. With Cyberium DSLC, your success can be guaranteed.

Cyberium has released a complete enterprise resource planner (ERP) built on its Studio and Interdesk. This is a paradigm shift in $514 Billion ERP market. The struggle for integrated enterprise seems to be over. The program is in beta and working for early fintech and govtech clients. The real beauty of this ERP is that it can be extended completely without any software coding. Every new change can be implemented by business, in coordination with the enterprise tech governance teams for end-to-end information flow management. Change management has been the oldest and biggest pain of conventional ERP systems. Adding a new field in customer forms have costed close to a million bucks. As we say, change is a permanent constant. But if your tools do not allow you to change, very soon they start failing. Finally, Cyberium’s lowcode tech is expected to remove that age old problem from business solutions. AI and lowcode are supposed to power the technological landscape of businesses. The new age of competitiveness is going to be based on the pace of response to new global challenges. COVID19 and intercontinental wars have only made it necessary for businesses to be ready to respond. Like the famous Toyota production system and similar process innovations of six-sigma and lean enabled the last century businesses to respond faster to evolving customer taste, 21st century is about getting ready for global transformation.

Cyberium ERP is lean and mean with backend and frontend of application build and deployments which otherwise is the heaviest technology element in all businesses spanning thousands of people and hundred times more computing varieties. Cyberium has crunched that footprint of manpower and technological spread to lowcode application builder.

Why is change and response so fast with Cyberium?

Like any lowcode application, Cyberium is developed closer to the people who know the business requirement. Whereas full stack full code applications are developed by hundreds of developers who speak Java and pythons. Whereas people who know the business requirement are speaking English. Therefore, the middleman army of analysts who work to translate English to help developers build Java, loose many contexts and meanings. It is human nature. This phenomena of loss of information by Chinese whisper is quite well known in the academia.  Business software industry is plagued by Chinese whisper syndrome for a very long time. Business softwares are getting larger and complex, everyday. Due to which, more and more people are required to work together. This leads to so much more communication, which leads to an equally proportional amount of dilemma, confusion and misinterpretations. Overall this leads to loss of information.

Contrary to this, Cyberium ERP is built on electronic canvas of Studio where people having firsthand knowledge build their systems. Even if they are aided by someone, what they see on the canvas is what they get as the output. Understanding process maps on canvas is not anywhere close to the difficulty of interpreting java classes by product manager or CEOs.

Cyberium’s licensing model is another great advantage. It is friendly for startups where they may pay less than a dollar for every user based on usage. As they grow, they pay only for the number of events in their ERP which grows proportionally. With power of execution flexibility and transparent pricing, Cyberium is poised to make every business better.


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