Delxi Fernandez Gives a Voice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs through an Effective Coaching Program

May 04 18:39 2023
A motivational expert and bestselling author who supports individuals in becoming confident writers and public speakers with coaching and practical lessons.

Everyone encounters a situation where they would like to write or speak publicly. However, being good at it is not natural for everyone. Coach Delxi intends to help those who are interested in honing their writing & public speaking skills through her Coaching program.

About Coach Delxi

Coach Delxi, Llc. helps transform the average writer and speaker into a confident entrepreneur.

Founder of Glow & Grow with Coach Delxi has allowed Coach Delxi to inspire and boost the confidence of many people from different backgrounds. She has been coached by the best in the industry herself, passing the baton, especially to those who aim to also flourish as an entrepreneur.

As a believer in learning by doing, Coach Delxi ensures that her students will also get a chance to write, publish and speak in public through her coaching courses. Some certain tips and lessons need to be mastered before practicing it, but Coach Delxi has come up with an effective approach to improve those skills over a set period of time.

Being a motivational expert, Coach Delxi is also a three-time best-selling author. Her Best Sellers are: “A Successful Attitude – Alpha Woman, Change Your Way of Thinking and Find Happiness and From Caterpillar to Butterfly.” Coach Delxi’s goals are to guide individuals who want to take their stories, business or brand to the Next Level!

“I never would have connected the story with breaking the stigma around depression which I think is brilliant and so necessary,” said Cicely Wilson as she gives a review of her book “From Caterpillar to Butterfly.”

To know more about Coach Delxi and her services to improve your writing and speaking skills you can go to her Links: or for a consultation:

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