Legendary Houston Entrepreneur Launches Groundswell Interactive To Help Market Small Businesses

May 04 18:57 2023
This new marketing firm, founded by Chad D. Mills, is helping small businesses execute “Fortune 500” marketing tactics and techniques for a fraction of the cost

Now more than ever, businesses – regardless of size and the industry they belong to – are looking for ways to continuously enhance their online presence and achieve their marketing goals. With a focus on innovation, creativity, and results, Groundswell Interactive seeks to help its clients succeed in today’s competitive digital landscape.

Founded by legendary Houston entrepreneur Chad D. Mills, also known as Chad Chizzle, Groundswell Interactive is a digital marketing consulting firm that specializes in creating engaging online experiences for its clients, which are mostly small businesses.

According to Chad, he uses the same proven marketing techniques he used back in the day with Groundswell Interactive – but for pennies on the dollar. In 2001, Chad created one of the most iconic brands in the history of Houston, urbanthang.com, which was known for being the black Facebook before Facebook. He then established himself as one of the most prominent urban club promoters in the city, drawing crowds of 3,000 people every weekend with just an email blast.

Now, Chad is taking things to the next level with Groundswell Interactive’s top-notch digital marketing services. “The internet is the great equalizer… a one-person company can market themselves as a Fortune 500 firm,” shares Chad.

By partnering with Groundswell Interactive, business owners can rely on an expert team of designers, developers, and marketing professionals who are known to have a proven track record of delivering effective and results-driven solutions for businesses of all sizes. Among the services they offer are website design and development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, and content creation.

But apart from their technical expertise, what truly makes Groundswell Interactive stand out from other marketing firms is their personalized approach to client service. To help clients attract new customers and retain existing ones, increase brand awareness, and drive revenue growth, Groundswell Interactive works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and goals and help develop customized strategies and solutions that deliver real business results. Not to mention they stay on top of the latest technologies and trends in digital marketing – leveraging those that make sense with their client’s needs.

With Groundswell Interactive, the impossible becomes possible. For more information about Groundswell Interactive and their services, visit https://www.groundswell-interactive.co and book a discovery call today.

To know more about Chad and how he is helping unlock the marketing power of small businesses, check out his Instagram page @sirchad713 and LinkedIn profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/chad-d-mills/.

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Groundswell Interactive is a Houston-based digital marketing consulting firm that specializes in creating engaging online experiences for its clients.

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