Widely acclaimed: Seinxon solves the problem of anti-lost users’ belongings

May 04 20:36 2023

New York, USA – May 4th, 2023 –

“I have been using the Seinxon Item Finder for a few weeks now, and I really love it. It is small enough to fit in my pocket or handbag, and the dedicated Lost and Found app on my phone is a great way to locate my belongings quickly. I was also pleasantly surprised by the customer service on Kickstarter, receiving an additional $3 reward. I cannot wait to use it on my future travels.” The Seinxon Finder Card`s users say so.

Apple and Android users friendly

Seinxon had passed Apple’s MFI certification.The Seinxon Item Finder is a small, lightweight card that can be hidden in a wallet, handbag, or checked luggage to remind users to check their belongings regularly. When a user loses an item, they can use the card to call up the dedicated “Lost and Found” application on their phone, enter the details of the lost item, and be guided to the location where they can retrieve it. The device is compatible not only with Apple’s Find My app but also with Seinxon’s own Android app, which has additional features such as reverse search and one-click photo capture. 

Fold resistant material 

Seinxon Finder Card received an overwhelming response during the Kickstarter campaign, raising nearly $130,000 in funding. 

Now, they introduced a new promotion 27% OFF on its official website.

They also invite users to participate in a review challenge:Show your Seinxon get $3.

For more information, visit www.seinxon.com, and follow the company on social media. 

Get your seinxon finder card, guard all unique in your daily life.

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