“Jack and Gisela” – A Heartwarming Book for Learners with Dyslexia by Julie Singlehurst and Illustrated by Sarah Boddy

May 04 22:06 2023
"Jack and Gisela" - A Heartwarming Book for Learners with Dyslexia by Julie Singlehurst and Illustrated by Sarah Boddy

May 4th, 2023 – Julie Singlehurst, an experienced educator and advocate for learners with dyslexia, is proud to announce the release of her first book, “Jack and Gisela.” This heartwarming and engaging book is specifically designed to assist readers with dyslexia in overcoming reading challenges and promoting literacy skills in a fun and enjoyable way.

Julie Singlehurst, who resides in the heart of England and teaches students with dyslexia, understands the importance of learning to read and its impact on individuals’ lives. In “Jack and Gisela,” Julie draws on her extensive experience working with learners with dyslexia and her passion for storytelling to create a unique and valuable resource for readers and their supporters.

The inspiration for “Jack and Gisela” comes from Julie’s personal interactions with learners who struggle with reading due to dyslexia. She believes that reading is fundamental and empowering, as it opens doors to opportunities and experiences. Julie has witnessed the challenges faced by learners with dyslexia, and she wanted to create a book that could help them overcome these challenges and experience the joy of reading.

Jack and Gisela” is a short, light-hearted book that focuses on the sounds of the letters ‘J’ and ‘G,’ which can be particularly challenging for readers with dyslexia. Julie has incorporated her experience and insights into the book by providing notes for the adult supporting the child on each page, offering guidance and tips for effective reading strategies. The book is also beautifully illustrated by Julie’s talented friend, Sarah Boddy, who brings the characters and objects to life with vibrant and engaging images.

In addition to the illustrations, Julie has included other helpful features in the book. Each syllable in words is highlighted in different colours to assist readers with dyslexia in focusing on one syllable at a time, helping to reduce overwhelm. Julie also encourages the importance of patience, celebrating small wins, and giving readers space to think and process information at their own pace. She also emphasizes the power of re-reading, as repetition can benefit learners with dyslexia.

Jack and Gisela” is not only a book for readers with dyslexia but also for their supporters, including parents, caregivers, and educators. Julie’s goal is to provide a valuable resource that can be used by families who may not have access to specialist dyslexia teaching due to financial constraints. She believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn to read and enjoy the benefits of literacy.

“I am thrilled to share ‘Jack and Gisela‘ with the world,” says Julie Singlehurst. “I have poured my heart and soul into creating a book that will not only help readers with dyslexia overcome reading challenges but also foster a love for reading. I hope that this book will be a valuable resource for families, educators, and anyone who wants to support learners with dyslexia in their journey towards literacy.”

About The Author

Julie Singlehurst is a passionate educator and certified dyslexia diagnostician based in England. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from New Zealand and has dedicated her career to teaching and supporting learners with dyslexia. “Jack and Gisela” is her debut book, born out of her firsthand experience working with students with dyslexia and her desire to make learning accessible for all.

About The Illustrator

Sarah Boddy, the illustrator for ‘Jack and Gisela,’ is a professional artist and a talented friend of Julie Singlehurst. She also resides in the heart of England. With her artistic skills, Sarah brings the story of Jack and Gisela to life through captivating illustrations that complement the text and engage young readers. Her attention to detail and creative flair add an extra layer of visual appeal to this delightful book. Sarah’s collaboration with Julie in creating the visuals for ‘Jack and Gisela’ has been a wonderful partnership, resulting in a beautifully illustrated book that is sure to captivate readers of all ages.

Jack and Gisela” is now available for purchase on Amazon and other major online book retailers. For more information about the book and author Julie Singlehurst, email Julie at [email protected] for interviews, review copies, and other media inquiries.

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