Gifted Actress Sarah De Baets Impresses With Roles In Award-Winning Films “Be Here Now” & “I’m Here”

May 05 19:06 2023
Talented actress Sarah De Baets has received numerous accolades for her performances

Talented actress Sarah De Baets has received numerous accolades for her performances, including a Webby Award and Best Actress for her work in award-winning films such as “Be Here Now” and “I’m Here.” She also wants to use her platform to raise awareness about social and mental health issues among people all over the world. Sarah aims to use her acting talent to impress judges, inspire reflection, and learn from her audience.

Born in France and now residing in New York City, USA, Sarah has been exposed to various cultures and traditions since she began acting at a young age. Despite not having a permanent home, acting remains a regular and essential part of her life.

Starting in Russia at six, Sarah pursued theater as a major and received her International Baccalaureate in Manila, Philippines. Her passion for acting has taken her to various parts of the world, including France, Hong Kong, Vietnam, England, and the United States, where she has landed impressive projects in movies, television series, and commercials. Along the way, she has had the opportunity to meet and work with prominent figures in the film industry, including Michael Mailer, who directed “Darkness of Light” featuring Morgan Freeman, “Heart of Champions” starring Michael Shannon, and “Blind” starring Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to be pursuing my passion and working with such talented and passionate individuals. I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams and use their talents to impact the world positively,” Sarah shares.

Sarah’s portrayal of the lead character battling depression in “Be Here Now” is a poignant and authentic representation of the struggle. This approach was insisted upon by film director Parker Foster, and Sarah’s passion for acting shone through as she aimed to raise awareness, especially for those who lack representation in their communities.

According to government research from 2015 to 2020, nearly 1 in 10 Americans, including almost 1 in 5 adolescents and young adults, continue to grapple with major depressive episodes. However, treatment options remain limited, and the divide between prevention and intervention only widens. Because of these pressing issues, Sarah is drawn to heavy roles that reflect real-life struggles.

In her own words, Sarah says, “Acting is not just a job for me; it’s a way to connect with people and bring stories to life. I want to use my platform to illuminate important issues and make a difference.”

Sarah De Baets is a talented performer and a passionate advocate for social and mental health issues.

As she continues to pursue meaningful projects, such as the ongoing play “Darkness of Light” and the upcoming play “Outside/In,” Sarah is poised to make a lasting impact in the film industry and beyond. Through her work, she demonstrates the power of actors to inspire and influence the lives of others, sparking meaningful conversations and encouraging viewers to be their best selves.

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