The Reality Behind Cuba Exposed In My Cuba Libre By George Fowler

May 05 22:06 2023
The Reality Behind Cuba Exposed In My Cuba Libre By George Fowler

For some, Fidel Castro was a real leader. Cuba saw the light at the end of the tunnel when he started preaching. He spoke eloquently and was a charismatic man who wowed everyone when they attended his speeches. He had a spark in his eyes, which was fierce, and people thought he would be the one to lead Cuba to freedom and success. This, unfortunately, was not the case. Once dictator Batista was overthrown, a revolution began. This was not a normal social revolution but a wave of control that disrupted the lives of millions of people living in Cuba. 

My Cuba Libre, by George Fowler, explains what events took place after Fidel Castro took control. He made sure his reign of terror was prevalent all over Cuba. He made a list of people who were to be executed for being Batista supporters and carried out the executions. Cuban born Fowler, who lived in Cuba, tells of the changes that Fidel Castro made socially, economically, and politically. Fowler and his family realized the way his rule was going to impact them and escaped from Cuba to the United States. He also explains the terror that still reigns in Cuba.

Fidel Castro’s dictatorship has been passed to his brother, Raúl Castro. This book exposes in detail the crimes committed by the Castro brothers against the Cuban people.

Fidel Castro spoke ill against the author, George Fowler, who tried to have him arrested for crimes against humanity in various countries, including Spain and the Dominican Republic. Fearful of these attempts, Fidel Castro stopped traveling outside of Cuba.

This memoir is now available on Amazon and many other platforms. Get to know the real truth behind the Castros and their communist dictatorship with facts and details, which are true and self-lived.

Book Name: My Cuba Libre
Author Name: George J. Fowler
ISBN Number: 978-0989715423
Paperback Version: Click Here

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